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Amanda Bynes is back, everyone! The last few times we saw Bynes, it wasn't looking great for her. The former child star seemed to be going through a public breakdown, which included Bynes being arrested for a DUI while being high on Adderall, as well as accusing her father of child molestation. This resulted in Bynes being placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold in 2014.

But fear not, Bynes fans! Since her involuntary psychiatric hold, Bynes told her fans that she wanted to get her life back on track by going to school for fashion design. It seems she's been doing great with that so far as she recently resurfaced on Twitter to show off her new look.

Out with the facial piercings and cigarettes and in with Bynes' new look for 2016! I'm seriously happy she's doing well, as she was one of my favorite stars that I grew up watching since her Nickelodeon days. I wasn't too sure that she was going to make it out of the negative spotlight, so seeing her most recent tweet is a welcome surprise. If Drew Barrymore dug herself out of her drug-fueled partying ways, I'm sure Amanda Bynes could do the same and turn herself around. Now all that's left for her to do is make a huge comeback to Hollywood!


Are you digging Amanda Bynes' new look for 2016?


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