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Great books can make for great films. When a great author hands over their book to become a film, it can go one of two ways - it's a huge success or a giant flop. If done right, the adaptations can be massive franchises with millions of fans; if done wrong, it can anger book fans and fail massively (Percy Jackson). Here are my top five book to film adaptations!

5. Twilight series

Whether you're a fan of the books or not, you can't deny that the films were a huge success. With help from being adapted to films, the series became incredibly popular, making the vampire/werewolf book and film genre much more recognised. Fans of the films wanted to read the books, fans of the books wanted to see the films. Everyone's happy.

4. The Fault In Our Stars

One of the biggest young adult romance books of our time was brought to the big screen with amazing accuracy in 2014. John Green's novels are very popular among young people, so when this particularly heartbreaking book was announced to be adapted to a film, fans were very protective. Luckily, the film turned out to be as amazing as the book, and just as gut-wrenching. Since then, another of Green's books, Paper Towns, has been adapted and was almost as popular as The Fault In Our Stars.

3. The Hunger Games series

After Harry Potter and Twilight, a lot of teen fiction novels started coming to the big screen. The Hunger Games was one of these franchises, starting off as a popular book series about a dystopian future by Suzanne Collins. It became a huge hit when it was made into a film, with Jennifer Lawrence playing the main character. The themes and characters remained as important and impactful as in the books. It was also amazing to see certain scenes work visually on-screen in a way that isn't quite the same in a book.

2. Lord of The Rings/ The Hobbit series

The Lord of the Rings was amazing in book form. Fans all wanted to visit Middle Earth and live in the Shire as a Hobbit. Peter Jackson brought J.R.R. Tolkein's world to life beautifully to make the films one of the biggest franchises to exist. Although it perhaps wasn't the best idea to make The Hobbit into three films (it seemed rather drawn out) they were also massively successful, bringing in a new generations of fans to watch the other films and read the books. Although the books could be less popular than the films due to being published in 1954, both are still incredibly popular and the adaptations were good tributes to the books.

1. Harry Potter series

Possibly the biggest franchise of our time is the series about the child wizard. The books were huge, but it wasn't until the films were made that the franchise became a worldwide phenomenon. Since J.K. Rowling did a lot of work around the adaptations, they're accurate to the books and have become a massive series on their own. That said, fans of the films will read the books, and vice versa. The good thing about these adaptations is that they're so accurate to the books, and the books were written in a way that makes them perfect for the big screen. Visually cinematic, and with lots of good morals about friendship and love, this franchise won't be dying down for a long time, it seems. The perfect example of a book to film adaptation done right.

What's your favourite book to film adaptation?


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