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Jamie Hallam

Banshee is finally returning. After an explosive Season 3 finale, we finally return for the final season on April 1st. While we wait for that date so patiently, Cinemax has been a bunch of good guys and released a nice (explosive) trailer for us all to see & a poster. Not seen it yet? well, the Professor has you covered, see below.

The trailer was pretty crazy. But that falls in line with the whole Banshee feel, sex, fists and it even displayed Carrie (Ivana Miličević) torching a truck with a bloody flamethrower….yeah!

In addition to the explosions, punch’s and well, sex. We got a Mr. Hood with a lot of hair, dodging explosions and a Kai Proctor looking like he’s in a lot of trouble, with a lot of men with a lot of guns. From the old to the new, we also get a glimpse of Eliza Dushku’s portrayal of ‘Veronica Dawson’ an FBI profiler, hired to come into Banshee to take down a serial killer.

It’ll be sad to wave goodbye to Banshee & Mr. Hood, with the brutal fight scenes, sex, explosions and the sheer lack of limits. It will be truly missed! Will we finally find out what Lucas’ name really is?


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