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Dragon Ball Super Episode 33 got released recently and it has a lot to offer. The episode was full of events and actions.


Firstly, I am going to highlight the 10 major things that happened in this episode:

Number 10:

Finally the first match of the tournament between Goku and Botamo begins.

Number 9:

Goku has a hard time trying to defeat Botamo. All his moves and ki attacks turns out to be useless against Botamo. Even the Kamehameha wave does no harm at all to Botamo.

Number 8:

Goku tries a new method on Botamo in order to defeat him. Instead of him attacking him, attacking Goku decides to pull his leg and grab him towards the corner of the tournament stage. And then Goku holds his arm and slams Botamo right out of the stage wrestling style to take the win.

Goku vs Botamo - Dagon Ball Super
Goku vs Botamo - Dagon Ball Super

Number 7:

Goku stays to fight for the next match and it’s against Frost.

Number 6:

Goku vs Frost match up begins. Both remains in their base form at the beginning. First move of Frost caught Goku by surprise.

Number 5:

After fighting for a while Goku requests Frost to show his real power and transforms into his 2nd form which is identical to Frieza’s third form.

Goku vs Frost - Dragon Ball Super
Goku vs Frost - Dragon Ball Super

Number 4:

Frost becomes faster and stronger in his 2nd form. They start to fight hand to hand. Finally, Goku goes super saiyan 1. Proving the fan theories of Goku won’t go normal super saiyan anymore wrong.

Number 3:

Surprisingly every fighter from Universe 6 got surprised at this super saiyan transformation. Even the saiyan cabe looked confused. Seeing Goku’s sudden increase of power Frost transforms into his 3rd form which might as well be his final form. And that form looks identical to Frieza’s final form.

Number 2:

Even after reaching his 3rd form Frost faces difficulty to keep up with Super Saiyan Goku. Frost looks exhausted and outmatched to everyone’s surprise. Almost all the fans expected that Frost would be strong enough to keep up with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku. But, even normal super saiyan transformations are turning out to be too much for him. He stands barely as his legs tremble.

Number 1:

Unconscious Goku Defeated by Frost
Unconscious Goku Defeated by Frost

Exhausted Frost tries to punch Goku. Goku covers it and catches the punch. But, suddenly Goku starts feeling weird. His eyes start to blur out and finally he loses consciousness. Oh my Goku is dying. However, Frost took the opportunity and punched Goku right out of the stage as he completely lost his consciousness and obviously turned down to base. Thus, Frost won the match and Goku got eliminated.

Additionally, from the preview of episode 34 we learn. The next match is going to be Frost vs Piccolo.

That’s all that happened in this episode. I am not going to do minute analysis now because I didn’t get the subbed version yet.

But, overall the episode looked very fast paced. We have this so much anticipated Universal tournament. And 2 matches are finished in one episode including the main the character Goku being super mysteriously eliminated. This episode 33 already caught up with the manga. Episode 34 is coming out next week and the Manga generally comes out on the 18th of every month. So, the anime series is having stories ahead of the Manga itself. That is a bit unusual.

I have to admit that this Dragon Ball Super is getting super exciting. And it looks like they have the plot planned very well. All these elements are placed perfectly. With each episode we have new mysteries, new thrills to look forward to. There are so many curiosities!

How did Goku become unconscious? Wasn’t Frost supposed to be stronger? Will anyone replace Buu? Will Goku get to fight again? Wasn’t there supposed to be a ‘Goku vs Frost’? Will the tournament get disrupted?

This super thing is really unpredictable and is offering us a lot of thrills. Before the Champa arc this series looks quite quite messed up and many of us thought that it might end up being a disaster like Dragon Ball GT. But, this Champa arc is turning out to be so perfect. So, if your friends stopped watching Dragon Ball Super after seeing first few episodes. Tell them how it got awesome again.

About this episode! Goku vs Botamo match up was fast yet good.

I think I have to say it. I feel like Botamo is a Pokemon. Yes, he defends like a pokemon and throws beam form his mouth. Universe 6 certainly has a Pokemon planet. The way Goku defeated Botamo I have to admit was unique. Goku doesn’t usually deal with his opponents like that. I guess this once again highlights the importance of this tournament. And how badly they want to win it!

Now, coming to the Frost vs Goku match! It was full of actions most of us didn’t expect. I don’t have to explain it. You know what I mean right?

Frost! I expected him to be way way stronger than what he is shown to be, till now. I am going to say it unless Frost has another transformation he is losing to Piccolo. Piccolo is going to use his special beam canon and take Frost out. If this tournament finishes without any disrupt following normal rules. Then I guess it will come down to Hit. Hit will take out multiple fighters and be on the finals.

I am not sure what they are going to with that blank spot of Buu. I can’t just guess they don’t even move forward logically. That is good we can’t figure out their next move.

However, the most interesting part of this episode. Which is going to be the most talked about thing is Goku losing consciousness. This was probably one of the biggest WTF moments on the entire Dragon Ball series. I mean why? Is Goku losing it all?

It’s like Superman is fighting everything is going well and all on a sudden someone there comes with the kryptonite to take him down. It’s just hard to guess what happened there. Frost repulses Goku for some reason?

If we look back at Dragon Ball, Goku vs Tien! Goku was having difficulty fighting with Tien because chiatzuo was using his psychic powers to help Tien. So, I am thinking could anyone from Universe 6 be doing the same thing? Maybe Hit?

The Preview features- Piccolo vs Frost. Thus, the leaks were in-fact accurate.

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