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Recently after doing some online research about Star Wars: Episode VIII, I stumbled upon an article by GameSpot about the working title, known as "Space Bear". Previous films in the series have had odd working title names such as "Blue Harvest" for Episode VI since Luke grew up in a farm area, and "Jar Jar's Big Adventure" for Episode II, which was a nod to Binks' appearance in The Phantom Menace, but "Space Bear" sounds like it's hinting excessively at the return of the hated and beloved Ewoks back to the franchise.

Seeing the Ewoks come back for Episode VIII would actually make some sense. During The Force Awakens, we see the destruction of Starkiller Base, the giant laser super-weapon and headquarters of the First Order. Though the base was destroyed, General Hux and Kylo Ren were able to escape along with a few other soldiers at the request of Supreme Leader Snoke. So, it is obvious that the Resistance is still not done combating their adversaries on the opposite side of the galaxy. Why is this relevant you may ask? Because The Resistance will most likely get help from the Ewoks to destroy the rest of the First Order's military and personnel. Much like they aided in the defeat of the Galactic Empire forces at the Battle Of Endor. Yet on the other hand, The First Order might go to Endor to seek revenge on the furry critters who pummeled their predecessors to the ground, or they might use Endor as a luring trap for the Resistance if they hold the planet hostage.

Little is known about the plot for the next installment in the new Star Wars trilogy, but I believe there is a high chance that Ewoks will make at least a bit of an appearance in Episode 8, and if we do see them, it is almost imperative that they will be involved in some heavy action.

"Space Bear" officially arrives in theaters on December 17th, 2017 and principal photography has begun this month in the UK.


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