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One of the greatest heroes and JLA member is Hal Jordan aka the green lantern , personally he is one of my favorite heroes , he uses his power ring that is powered by his will and imagination.

Obviously the green lantern movie was a failure according to the critics , but I liked the movie , however , I think that this character needs another chance , and he is gonna get it in the flarrowverse (either flash or arrow) , he could join the flash or arrow as a season guest , or has his own show (but I don't think that he will have his own show because there is a green lantern movie in production)

1.Ferris airfield reference.

In the flash , barry asked Cisco what happened to ferris airfield ? He said that it was shut down because there was an incident happened in coast city (one of their pilot is missing) , and we all know who is that pilot , of coarse Hal Jordan.

2.flashback scene in coast city.

The first episode of arrow in the fourth flashbacks a scene in the past that take place in coast city, where there was a man that wear a jacket (has the name Jordan on it).

3.the speed dial at Barry's (E-2) home.

In episode 13 of the flash 'welcome to earth 2' , Barry Allen (E-1) went to Barry's (E-2) home , on the speed dial there was the name Hal , and it is obviously Hal Jordan doppelganger , Hal (E-2) could be a normal person , but what if Hal on earth 1 is our beloved hero the green lantern.

3.coast city billboard

In brightest day , in blackest night , come to coast city when money is tight. Does this remind you of something , the green lanterns : in brightest day , in blackest night , no evil shall escape my sight , let those who worship evil's might , beware my power , green lantern light -------> that famous quote.

If green lantern is coming to the flash , this means that we are going to see him with hope ring.

In the comics the flash will get the ring of hope for a temporary time , Barry Allen (of Sector 2814): One of the renowned speedsters using the name of The Flash. Forensic scientist Barry Allen is chosen to become a deputy Blue Lantern during the war against the Black Lantern Corps. Barry is later discharged from the Corps following his final battle.

Does this mean that we are going to see the brightest day and blackest night events in the flash.

It is not going to happen this season but it can happen in the next season or season 3 and it might not happen


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