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There are many ships that have captured our hearts, and RWBY has plenty to account for. Which one am I touching on? Which one has particularly captured my heart?

Yang and Blake. Why? Blake Belladonna is a very serious bookworm with a past in the White Fang. Yang is someone who loves cracking jokes and making puns. Their personalities compliment each other, and being on the same team means they have grown closer over the volumes of the show. The latest development in the finale of this volume has both set it back, and pushed it forward. For more on the final episode, click HERE. Blake screamed when Yang was attacked by Adam, and the sound was like she was being attacked herself. If that doesn't capture your heart and make you like this shipping pair though, then I have some excellent fanart to bring to your attention!

The above picture was created by a DeviantArt user named Bakki. Check out the rest of their work! This particular picture is very sweet, with them relaxing with each other. They're just content in each other's company.

Also done by the dA user Bakki, this one is a favourite of mine, showing them close to each other, revelling in each other.

Isn't this cute? It is, right? I don't know what to tell you if your heart isn't captured by these two already, but click HERE for more from the artist of this tender moment, VnixxiR.

Created by UntoldMage, this art could be simply friendship or it could be something more. It doesn't really matter though, does it? It's well done, cute, and every good relationship begins with a good friendship. Plus, there's those two little ones in the corner, who just happen to be the rest of Blake and Yang's team on RWBY, Ruby and Weiss. Weiss is the one who looks kind of annoyed, by the way. It's pretty much a default mood for her.

Although it's done more in pencil than the other styles, it doesn't change this from being a very sweet picture. Yang tickling Blake. Pretty much self-explanatory, right? Well we can thank SkireTehFox for this one!

Remember our friend Bakki from earlier? Yet another beautifully painted piece that evokes our feelings for the ship and how potentially silly and mischievous they could become around each other.

HUUUUUGS FOR BLAKE. Blake, the serious girl she is, isn't quite sure what to make of Yang suddenly hugging her. It makes for a really sweet picture though. Check out more by the artist, possumomo, including the fanart below.

They're just embracing each other in this one, aren't they? A tender kiss shared between them.

So what do you think? Are Blake and Yang a ship worth sailing? Do you have a favourite ship, whether on RWBY or somewhere else? Tell me in the comments the characters YOU'RE shipping!

Sources: DeviantArt


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