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I'm an odd sort of person and as such, I sometimes have weird real-world questions about my favorite movie and comic book characters. Whether it's a question of Bruce Wayne's personal wealth, Iron Man's IQ, or Professor Snape's moral compass (or rather his lack of one,) I often find myself surfing the internet, specifically Reddit, in order to satisfy my nerdy curiosities. While drinking a few beers and watching The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, I had another one of these questions burrow itself into the back of my mind...

How many drinks would the Hulk have to drink in order to get drunk?

I'm no scientist but after scouring the web for about an hour, I have found multiple sources that point out that weight would probably be the easiest way to guess as to how many drinks it would take to even start to make the big, bad, green guy stumble a bit.

According to Marvel, the Hulk is probably somewhere between 1100-1300 lbs. and around 8 ft tall. I cut this difference down the middle and estimated that the Hulk was about 1200 lbs. Using a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) Calculator and estimating that the Hulk would be able to sit and drink for about 30 minutes at the most, I began to plug in these variables. Any longer and I think the Hulk would stop throwing back shots and start tossing tanks.

In my calculations, a 12 oz. beer, 4 oz. of wine, or 1 1/2 oz. of 80 proof (40%) liquor is equivalent to 1 alcoholic drink.

Let's Start Drinking with the Hulk!

The Excitement Stage: .08 BAC - In order to reach the stage of legal inebriation in most states, the Hulk would have to consume 26 drinks in 30 minutes or less. Keep in mind, this would be just to get the Hulk to the first stage of being drunk. Most people don't feel even a slight head-buzz at this level.

The Confusion Stage: .18 BAC - The Hulk would have to drink 56 alcoholic drinks in 30 minutes or less to start showing signs of mild inebriation. This could include decreased inhibition (if the Hulk has any inhibition,) slurred speech, and forgetfulness.

The Stupor Stage: .25 BAC - Dr. Banner's alter-ego would have to down an astounding 77 alcoholic drinks in under 30 minutes in order to get to this next level of drunkenness. At this level, the Hulk would begin to lose some of his motor skills and could be impossible to understand or direct in any way.

The Coma Stage: .35 BAC - At 106 alcoholic drinks, the Hulk would probably become comatose. Slowed breathing, an inability to rouse, and vomiting would be expected after consuming this much.

Possible Death: .50 BAC - After drinking an unheard of 150 drinks in 30 minutes, the Incredible Hulk would be in extreme danger. At a BAC of 50% or more, death is almost a certainty. The Hulk would need all of his superhero friends to get him to a hospital immediately so medical attention could be given to him. Good luck pumping that stomach, guys.


Who would be the Hulk's ideal drinking partner?


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