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People judge the fight game, as something, ugly. I have always enjoyed Kickboxing, as a defense, or as a way of keeping fit. This has been passed onto my son. Last night at UFC, it was set in London & the headline was Bisping vs. One of the greatest fighters in UFC history, Anderson Silva.

The prelims were good & so were the build up fights to the main event but what set this fight aside from the average fight was, Michael Bisping. His sheer heart & determination, It was something I wanted my son to see, I want him to know that whatever the situation never give up.

Michael Bisping, in the first two rounds he did something extremely clever, he prepared. He prepared for whatever could happen and would ensure that he clocked up the punches, the kicks, and maintained movement while virtually never getting caught.

In the next round, Michael lost his mouth guard, in one split second he pointed to the ref to get his mouth guard, Silva scored one mighty knee to the head, Bisping fell. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

In the moment of looking at Bisping to then looking at Silva celebrating, I felt cheated and heartbroken. To then see Bisping screaming “No, I can fight” the ref say the fights not over, I was confused and relieved. Silva was pulled off the top of the octagon with him screaming “Fuck”.

Bisping’s face was split & he was hurt bad, but that didn’t stop him. With him going two more 2 rounds, various kicks to the head, various punches & being taken to the cage and skilfully dodging the attacks.

After all, this is Silva he is facing, a technical genius in the octagon. With Bisping then clocking up the punches and playing it smart, I sat & thought there is no way this man could win surely? I want him to win. But look at what he has faced? With the final round beginning, it was stopped after blood continuously poured from his (Bisping) face. I thought this was over, he continued to pull the punches, the kicks and carried on like a real warrior, the crowd was chanting, stamping their feet it was a beautiful atmosphere & Bisping continued to fight.

He continued to until the very end, he was beaten, bruised but I looked at him and truly felt proud, that this man was British. He had done his country proud, and when it was a unanimous decision that he won I could only punch the air.

If my son is to ever witness what true determination, heart & passion is Michael Bisping now defines it for me, I can truly say this man provided me the best fight I have ever witnessed in my life.


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