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In honor of tonights oscar cermony I pick the top 10 best best picture winners man that's redundant.

10. Silence of the lambs.

Well made genuinely terrifying and subtle. Still surprised it won.

9. Million Dollar Baby.

A realistic version of rocky that's soul crusing and beautiful at the same time.

8. Platoon.

A war film that stands the test time low budget film making at its finest. A film that chooses character moments of violence.

7. 12 years a slave.

Beautiful, haunting, horrifying, and painfully hopeful.

6. Braveheart.

I don't care if it's inacuarte. What I do care about is the incredible acting story telling and character devolepment.

5. The Deer Hunter.

A hurtful realistic violent protraly of the veitnam war and post traumatic stress disorder put to film.

4. Gladiator.

Are you not entertained! Yes. Yes I am.

3. Schindlers list.

I don't really need to explain do I.

2. Godfather part I/II

Theses films kinda just slide right into each other style substance pure art.

Honorable mention

Patton, Argo, A beautiful mind, Lord of the rings.

ANND NUMBER ONE!!.... Is a three way tie.

1. One flew over the cuckoos nest/Unforgiven/The Departed.

All have great acting, pacing, direction and heart filled emotion.


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