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Every now and then, a movie is released that has such a remarkable and exceptional character who is remembered for a lifetime. Here is a list of what I believe to be a few of the most iconic characters in film history. Note that these are characters who appeared in only one film, making them much more interesting and applaudable!

Forrest Gump, in 'Forrest Gump'

Played by Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump is an easily identifiable character for many people today. The film, released in 1994, chronicles his life as an Alabama native, who goes through several years of his life being involved in many life-changing events such as being a star on his varsity football team, fighting in Vietnam, being part of the crew for a shrimp boat, being a famous ping pong athlete, and meeting JFK. Throughout his life, he hopes that he will one day be able to reunite with the love of his life, Jenny. Forrest Gump is a very well known character with critics and audiences that is still talked about today, and it is one of Tom Hanks's best roles!

Alex DeLarge, in 'A Clockwork Orange'

I just recently found and saw this movie 'on demand' after knowing for years that it was a very famous film directed by the great Stanley Kubrick. The main character, Alex DeLarge (portrayed by Malcolm McDowell), is a young man who terrorizes innocent people along with his friends, the 'Droogs', by raping, stealing from, and beating up citizens of London. One day he is captured and sentenced to fourteen years imprisonment for murdering a woman with a phallic statue. During his sentence, he is subjected to classical conditioning via the Ludovico Technique which promotes aversion therapy. Through this process, Alex is conditioned to never do evil things or else he would have very disturbing thoughts in his head. He can't steal, fight, or have sex anymore. Since the technique seems to work, Alex is let free and as he wanders London, where he re-encounters the people whose lives he ruined. Alex DeLarge is one of the most iconic cinematic characters from one of the great works of Stanley Kubrick, who to this day is still one of the best directors to ever live.

Atticus Finch, in 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

Gregory Peck portrayed Atticus Finch in the film adaption of the 1960 book, To Kill A Mockingbird. Atticus Finch is the lawyer of Tom Robinson, a black male in the South charged with raping a teen girl. Finch is one of the few people in town who isn't racist towards African Americans. He fights to protect Tom and clear his name of any evil to deem him innocent. Though the trial fails, Atticus still knows that someone else committed the crime. He is someone that can be looked up to and inspires people to not be prejudiced against anyone for how they look, for it is the personality and morals of a human that matter more than what's on the outside.

Jack Torrance, in 'The Shining'

Another character from a Stanley Kubrick classic film, The Shining. Jack Torrance is the main character, as well as the main villain. Portrayed by Jack Nicholson, Torrance is an unforgettable character in movie history for his sense of humor, craziness, and absolute insanity. One of the most iconic scenes in any movie is in this film, when he breaks a door with an axe, peers through the hole and says "Here's Johnny!"

Through one's lifetime, it is inevitable that you will encounter films that will leave a mark on generations to come for the acting, story, score, directing, and visual appeal. These are just a few of the very famous performances we all love and enjoy. So, I leave you off with this question:

Who is your favorite character from cinematic history?


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