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You know, there is no death that isn't felt within The Walking Dead universe, but this one may rank as the most brutal ever. Yes, I know that is quite a statement to make, especially with the deaths of Laurie, Hershel, Tyrese, Dale, and Noah. Yet, this death touches a new nerve for fans of the show, especially parents because this death involves a petrified child.

Let's go to the tape!

There has been child deaths before that were bad but this one may take the cake. Why you ask? The show did so well in translating the mental and emotional trauma that poor little Sam was going through that it was tough to see.

Poor, scared little Sam
Poor, scared little Sam

He was grabbed in the middle of a nervous breakdown after Carols warning rung loud in his mind, then poor Sam was torn to shreds in front of his mother Jessie as she held his hand.

Sam becomes dinner in front of Mom!
Sam becomes dinner in front of Mom!

Moments later, Jessie and Ron met their deaths as well, and Carl got his eye shot out. As a parent, this was one of the most horrible events on the shows history, and I say that with respect to Carols daughter who was turned and then shot in front of her mother. I ain't the only one who felt the quake of poor Sam's death, and it's moments like this that make The Walking Dead a very special show!


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