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Nobody makes movies like the Japanese. That's probably a good thing. The world can handle only so many of these films.

1. Japan has mastered the art of the ultraviolent, bitterly bleak movies that destroy any good thoughts that exist anywhere in your body. Recent examples of this are I Saw the Devil and Killers in 2015. This is one of those movies.

2. It's about a guy named Fujishima, who used to be a cop but is now a security guard. He learns that his daughter is missing, and uses his skills to track her down. He discovers that his daughter is not who he thought she was.

3. The opening credits make you think of a comic book movie, or maybe a Tarantino movie. The words "KILL!" and "FUCK!" are printed large on the screen. It's a great attention grabbing device. But this is not a comic book movie.

4. There is really nobody to root for in the movie. At first you root for one person, but something happens and you can't do that anymore. So you try to root for someone else, but that doesn't last long, either.

5. This movie offers up drugs, bullying, suicide, torture, rape, pedophilia, and lots of blood. If that's your thing, this is a treat.

6. To keep the movie frenetic and wild, there are a few hyper, drug-fueled fast-edited scenes. There are also a few animated scenes.

7. It's hard to find any deep, underlying message here, unless you take Kanako's world as a metaphor for the rest of the world. It's mostly just about the complete and final breakdown of a man that doesn't fit this world.

8. Did I mention this movie was violent and cruel and depressing?

9. This is an nihilistic movie that makes you feel like you're on acid mixed with cocaine. It's not exactly a pleasant trip, but once you start it, you won't be able to stop until it lets you go.


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