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With lots of highly anticipated movies due out in 2016, most of the hype seems to be for comic book movies - but could The Jungle Book outshine everyone?

What We Know

From what we have seen so far in the trailers, it is safe to say that this latest rendition of Rudyard Kipling's 1894 story will be visually striking. The casting choices seem to have been made in a way that lines up with how we remember these classic characters from Disney's 1967 animated film, with the exception that this latest rendition seems to have bigger plans for the involvement of the wolves who raise Mowgli.

How Deadpool Figures In

The biggest reason I think The Jungle Book could outshine the big-hitters of this year's release line-up is that it is an undisputed family movie. Deadpool is crushing the box office right now and has grossed over $285,000,000 in its first two weeks in theaters (source : IMDB) despite the controversy over it having an R-Rating (and a well-deserved rating it was - fantastic movie though!).

Parents who were not "in the loop" about just how well-deserved Deadpool's R-Rating was found out pretty quickly into the movie that they should not have taken their young kids to see it. With this being the first R-Rating on a comic book movie in our current boom of comic book movies, parents were taken off-guard - and that could very well affect their decisions about future comic book movies due out this year.

You see?! NOT for kids!
You see?! NOT for kids!

The Jungle Book, however, is not caught up in this controversy at all. Parents can rest assured taking their children to the theaters for this nostalgic, visually impressive retelling of a tale they most likely remember singing along to as children themselves. The Jungle Book transcends demographics in a way no superhero movie can do. I expect that this year, parents will exercise a bit of caution when considering the any of the litany of superhero movies due out and, instead, opt for the bare necessities.

Check out the second trailer for The Jungle Book below!


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