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We are three weekends deep in Deadpool country, but it's only a matter of time before the next big titles start dropping. One of these titles is another from Fox's Marvel Division: [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267). Although just shy of being three months away, the next installment concerning the X-Men is the next title from Fox we're hoping to be as far away from Fant4stic as possible. Quite frankly, 20th Century Fox is probably in that same mindset as well. X-Men: Apocalypse has a much more grandiose budget and a better known cast, but the real question is, will it be on par or surpass the success of Deadpool? Well, there are arguments for both sides regarding to said question. Let's dive in.

Points For X-Men:

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This looks PG-13, right?
This looks PG-13, right?

Deadpool hit it out of the park for being an R-Rated film. With X-Men, however, since it will be PG-13, underage viewers don't have to worry about trying to sneak in and parents of younger viewers will actually let their kids go see this. I wish that R-Rated films in the Superhero genre were more frequent, but studios often set movies at PG-13. All of that is due to that ratings ability to consent a larger range of viewers into buying a ticket for their movie. With that being said, the one thing X-Men is almost certain to surpass Deadpool in is revenue.

One Last Time:

With this being the last X-Men film that Jennifer Lawrence will play Mystique and Nicholas Holt as Beast, that could possibly serve as juicy bait for comic book fans who wish to see the last consultations between them and Michael Fassbender's Magneto and James MacAvoy's Charles Xavier. These four have been at the center of the X-Men franchise since 2012 with the release of First Class and it's worth seeing how they will depart.


Ajax (Francis) served his purpose as an opposition to Deadpool, but his presence is nowhere near as gargantuan as Apocalypse's. He's the villain and his name is in the title for crying out loud! If there's one thing that Apocalypse will not only trump Deadpool in, but also the other four comic book based titles this year, is the treachery and primeval doings of the antagonist. Think about it: Batman and Superman/Captain America and Iron will spend most of their film's duration fighting each other, as for Dr. Strange, it's too early to tell. Apocalypse, however, his name is Apocalypse. If anyone is going to make things incredibly difficult for good to prosper, it's undoubtedly Apocalypse.

Points for Deadpool:


This is going to sound very confusing due to just commending a favoring point towards to X-Men, but Deadpool's rating also works in its favor. If Deadpool was rated PG-13, it definitely would not have had the same level of praise it did for taking the risk on being...well, risky. Not to mention the fans of Deadpool would not have stood by anything that didn't warrant an R-Rating. While the lack of an R-Rating is likely to help out X-Men, the lack of a PG-13 rating certainly helped Deadpool.


It may be unfair to judge since none of the other comic book adaptations are out yet, but the one thing that Deadpool has an abundance of that the others (appear) not to have is the humor/meta. Deadpool was hands down the funniest comic book based films to date and its stand out as a comedy certainly has brought light to the comedy film genre and perhaps has started a dawn of a new sector of super hero movies altogether. Its hilarity was something that could only work in its favor and that statement was clearly justified from the second those opening credits were projected before our eyes.


Tick Tock
Tick Tock

For the most part, January and February tend to act as desolate wastelands of poor quality movies with a few gems here and there. Weeks prior to its release people were so fixated on Deadpool that they forget about most other movies. Now with its third weekend behind us, people are still raving about and it's likely not going to simmer down until BvS which comes out on March 25th. Not to mention, it's currently the highest grossing film of the year thus far with an international haul of about $609 million. As for X-Men, they've got a bit of a tough slot. The month of May is renowned for kicking off the summer blockbuster season and oftentimes have the highest budgeted films in its clutches. This year particularly is no cake walk. With Captain America: Civil War preceding it by three weeks, it's likely to still have ongoing revenue there for people not up to speed and Disney's Alice and Wonderland sharing a release date of May 27th with X-Men, it's fairly obvious that as far as time and spacing are considered, Deadpool's slot was a lot more open performance slot.


Essentially Deadpool was a great comic book movie and at this point I'm fairly certain that X-Men: Apocalypse will be too. The only uncertainty amidst Fox's Marvel Division is which one will be better for their pockets and their future film plan?


Do you think X-Men Apocalypse will be as successful as Deadpool?


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