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Let me start out by saying that I am one of those jaded Adam Sandler fans who remembers the glory days of his comedic genius in the 1990's. I also have not liked one of his movies since that lousy remake of The Longest Yard. All that aside, though, I was pretty pumped for Pixels when it first came out. Though a series of unfortunate events prevented me from seeing it on the big screen, I scooped it up at Redbox recently - and one thing stood out to me as unforgivable (SPOILERS AHEAD).

Look at the above picture and tell me if you recognize any of these men. For those of you who have already seen Pixels, you may know where I am going with this.

For those of you who recognize that the man on the left is Sean Bean, you may also know where I am going with this.

Sean Bean plays Corporal Hill, an officer in the SAS. So why does this make me mad? Because he lives! Sean Bean, who is well-respected for the near-certainty of his death in everything he acts in, lives in Pixels.

Some of you are scratching your heads at this selective outrage. Perhaps even hollering at your computer screen like, "What about Lady Lisa and the baby Q*berts?" Okay, you have a point. Lady Lisa helping the Arcaders didn't make any sense at all - the decision to help, the effectiveness of her weapons against the enemy, etc. - no valid rationale for this. And when Q*bert turns into Lady Lisa and, presumably, creates babies with Josh Gad's character? That was quite ridiculous as well. But these things didn't make me mad. You have to expect a bit of corny with Adam Sandler movies (to say the least) and you also have to expect that all the "good guys" will have a happy ending - even if it means creating 8-bit babies with Ashley Benson.


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