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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

The huge cloud that hovered over this years 88th Academy Awards was the lack of diversity among the Oscar nominees, especially among the African-American community. This is definitely an issue as everyone should get equal opportunity when it comes to film roles, but many were scared this would be an issue that would inevitably dampen the award ceremony. Fortunately, this was far from the case.

The host of the evening, Chris Rock, was subject to request from a large portion of the African American community to drop out of the event. Rock not only stayed, but he turned the issue into a humorous, yet powerful night.

It Began With This Hilarious Opening Monologue!

Right out of the gate, Chris Rock came out guns blazing! With a bevy of jokes that were mostly about the diversity issues that have plagued the Academy leading up the the event. Rock found a way to address these issues in a way that didn't make people uncomfortable and didn't discredit the amazing work that everyone who was nominated did.

A few of these jokes included a Rihanna undergarments joke, a shot at Jada-Pinket Smith, and citing the reason for him not dropping out is because he didn't want to lose another job to Kevin Hart. Rock was absolutely hilarious and I believe was the perfect host for this years oscars!

Chris Rock Didn't Discredit The Amazing Actors Nominated!

While this diversity issue is very serious, and it is obvious strides must be made to make changes within Hollywood's structure, we must not discredit the amazing actors and actresses who work extremely hard. Chris Rock did an outstanding job of doing this and truly made it enjoyable for everyone. Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio especially deserve all of the credit he deserves. I truly applaud Chris Rock for finding the perfect balance in being a hilarious host, and speaking on a truly important issue within the film industry.

Thank You Chris Rock!

Chris Rock was an amazing host and I'm not sure anyone else could pull of what he did. He was able to speak on a social issue in a way that was effective, but funny as well. I was really worried that the Oscars would become a night that focused too harshly on this issue, or would avoid it all together, but what we got was a perfect blend of social commentary that will surely lead to changes in the industry. Congratulations to all of the amazing people who received awards on this truly illustrious night! Congratulations Leo!


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