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We focus on the origins and processes that make the bad guys so villainous throughout the multiple universes of comics, films and novels.
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Harleen walked down the aged halls of Arkham, turning down the corridor to her office, seeing Dr. Wallace standing by the door, with Joker’s normal guard, Officer Bones waiting for her. Harleen gave them a look, but no words while she opened the door to her office.

“Won’t you come in?” Harleen asked, holding the door open for Dr. Wallace and Officer Bones. They took the invitation and Bones followed Dr. Wallace in. She shut the door behind them, one hand balled into a fist as she placed it in her jacket pocket. “What can I do for you gentleman?”

“As usual, the guard will be standing by the door during your session with Joker.” Dr. Wallace said, pointing his thumb to the guard next to him. The guard nodded. “However, we will have Officer Bones in the room with us during the session.”

“Us, Doctor?” Harleen asked.

Dr. Wallace nodded. “I want to be in there with you, just to be sure.”

“Ridiculous. You’ll change the dynamic of the session and he may not be as cooperative as he has been.”

“Joker tried to choke you yesterday!” Dr. Wallace nearly shouted. “You agreed last night that you would take any conditions I set for you to continue. This is nonnegotiable.”

She put her hands on her desk, leaning toward Dr. Wallace. “Okay, then. I suppose that’s fair.”

“And the jacket is back on, as well.” Dr. Wallace said.

“No, and that’s nonnegotiable.” Harleen said. “I still have a good rapport with Joker, and he can still open up to me. I don’t mind your being there, but he cannot be in the jacket.”

Dr. Wallace stared back and sighed. “Fine. Cuffs.”

“With you and the extra guard in the room, he won’t try anything.” Harleen answered.

“You’re quite sure of yourself.” Dr. Wallace said.

“I have worked with Joker for a while.” Harleen answered. “If he wanted to hurt me, he would have.”

Dr. Wallace nodded, giving in. He turned to the guard. “Bring Joker to Interview Room 6.”

“Yes, Dr. Wallace.” The guard said before leaving.

“Shall we?” Harleen asked.


Dr. Wallace, Harleen and a second guard waited in Interview Room 6 while Joker’s normal guard opened the door, letting Joker in before him. In silence, Joker smiled at Harleen, who was slightly smiling back. Joker gave Dr. Wallace a wink and a smile as he sat down, and Officer Bones linked the chains around his ankles to the chains on the bolted-down chair.

“Harley, dear.” Joker smiled. “Two’s company.” He looked to Dr. Wallace. “Three’s a crowd.” He looked to Officer Bones, who was standing by the wall. “Four’s kind of pushing it.”

“I insisted.” Dr. Wallace answered.

Joker eyed Harleen. “Well, someone has control issues.”

“You put your hand around her throat. I’m more concerned about Dr. Quinzel’s safety than your comfort.” Dr. Wallace replied.

Joker held his hands out at his side. “Oh, well. I suppose I’m okay with it.” He looked to Harleen. “So…what’s the game today, sweet stuff?”

Harleen made a face. “You’re the patient.” She looked to Dr. Wallace, who was very focused on Joker. “Ball’s in your court.”

“You know, I never really liked sports. Too many rules.” Joker answered. He looked to Dr. Wallace. “What about you, Dr. Wallace?” He smiled. “What’s your favorite sport?”

“How about we have a serious question?” Dr. Wallace asked Harleen.

“This is all part of the process, Dr. Wallace.” Harleen answered. “He’ll go off topic, but it’s still somehow related to something deeper.”

“See, doc? She gets me. No wonder you put her on my case.” Joker said as he puts his hands down at his side.

“Yes.” Dr. Wallace said sarcastically. “Dr. Quinzel is quite talented.”

“Thank you, Dr. Wallace.” Harleen answered. She turned to Joker, who winked at her. Harleen smiled softly, and decided something right there. She stood up, putting her hands in her pockets. “What Joker’s famous for is the redirection of attention.” Harleen walked around the table, clenching her fist inside her pocket. “As he talks and moves, Joker’s tactics are really no different than that of a magician.”

“That’s a bit hurtful, Harley.” Joker said.

“I mean in the efforts of creating distraction in one place, while doing what he’s really planning in another location. It’s called sleight of hand, Dr. Wallace.” Harleen said as she took a fist out her pocket. She stood right behind Joker, resting her hand behind his back. “In the time we have spent in this room, I’ve learned one thing about the Joker.”

“And what’s that, dear?” Joker asked with a smile on his face. He moved his shoulders like he was trying to stretch.

“Dr. Wallace, the Joker creates chaos through his own controlling methods, and beyond his grip…there is no control.” Harleen said. She walked back around the table to Dr. Wallace. “The Joker prides himself on it, made his entire criminal career off these methods; and in that career, only two people has ever figured him out.”

“And they would be?” Dr. Wallace asked, eyeing Harleen. He could tell she was behaving unusually.

“Batman.” Harleen answered. “Followed by myself.” She turned to look at Joker, smiling softly. Joker winked back before smiling at Dr. Wallace. She sighed. “Which made me realize one thing.”

“What?” Dr. Wallace asked, his concern growing.

“Batman is a trigger for Joker’s madness.” Harleen answered.

“Madness or rambunctiousness?” Joker asked with a smile.

“Madness.” Dr. Wallace answered.

“Well, that’s sad to hear.” Joker answered. He looked to Harleen. “What do you think, Harley dear?”

“I think it makes it easier for what happens next.” Harley answered with a smile.

“What happens next?” Dr. Wallace asked.

“The one thing that makes all this go away.” Harleen answered with a smile.

Dr. Wallace finally realized what he was seeing and stood up, only to shout in pain as Harleen stabbed the pen she had in her pocket into his neck. Dr. Wallace placed his hand over the wound, but the shock forced him to nearly collapse. He sat back down in his chair briefly before falling onto the floor.

“HEY!” Bones shouted and went for Harleen. Right as he grabbed her arm, Harleen watched Joker stand up and put his hands on Bones’ head, twisting it rapidly. She could hear the sound of his neck cracking and the guard fell to the floor lifeless.

“Harleen…” Dr. Wallace said weakly.

“My name…” Harleen said as she pulled the pen out of Dr. Wallace’s neck. “…is HARLEY!” She drove the fine point of the pen into his chest and Dr. Wallace let out his final breath.

Joker laughed loudly. “What an unexpected turn of events!” He stretched out his body and cracked his neck. “Never expected you to drop the key right in my hand. Harley, my girl you are full of surprises.”

“Try to stay quiet.” Harley whispered, taking the key from him. “You can’t have this on you. Come on, I know a way out.” She grabbed his hand and led him to the door.

“I’ve got this.” Joker quickly opened the door and put one arm around his guard’s neck, and his other hand over his mouth and nose, dragging him into Interview Room 6. Harley watched as the guard’s struggling calmed down until he lied on the floor unconscious. “So, where’s our exit?”

“Come on.” Harley whispered. She led him down the hall, stopping at the intersections to make sure no other guards or orderlies were around. Harley led Joker down the stairs to an elevator and opened it. They rode down to the basement. “It’s just this way.” She said as they left the elevator car.

“What is?” Joker asked with a hug smile on his face.

“I was wondering how Nygma got out when he escaped.” Harley answered. “Security said Dr. Sydney had fallen for one of his riddles that showed him a way through the old Gotham sewer mains.” She opened the door to the boiler room. “I gave it some thought and found myself down here.” She giggled as she led him passed the water tanks and pipes to the access door she had found days ago. “I discovered this.” She grunted as she opened the hatch. “I think was an old sewer maintenance hatch. This corridor should lead to the current sewer mains that go through to East End.” She sighed, looking to Joker. “You can go.” Joker stared back, not moving at the opportunity Harley had given him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It just…it doesn’t feel like me, escaping through a sewer.” Joker answered.

“Be you once you’re out.” Harley answered. She put her hands on his shoulder. “You’re too trapped in here.”

“Clearly, so are you.” Joker said. Harley looked into his eyes. “Axis Chemicals…two days.”

“What?” Harley asked.

“Meet me there.” Joker replied.

“Why?” Harley asked.

“In all the time we’ve spent together…let’s just say I’ve grown attached, sweets. I don’t want that to end once I’m outside.” Joker answered. “If you come, I will give you what I promised. All the smiles, all the laughs…and a world unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.” He smiled. “You only need to do one thing. Do you remember what it is?”

Harley nodded. “Be yours.”

Joker’s smile grew larger. “And are you?”

With no words, Harley threw her arms around Joker, taking him almost by surprise. He did not return the embrace. “I’m yours.” She said. Joker smiled as he ended the embrace and looked into Harley’s eyes.

“Harley Quinn…we’re gonna have a lot of fun together.” Joker said. “Remember. Axis Chemical Building. Two days.”

“Before you go, here.” Harley said as she went for a box. She took out a pair of black jeans, a light gray button-down collared shirt and a purple suit vest. “Some clothes for the road.”

Joker smiled. “Oh, Harley Quinn…” he looked into her eyes. “You even know my look.” He smiled. “Purple was always my color.”

“It looks good on you in the news.” Harley answered.

He gave her a look. “I see you as more of a red and black kind of girl.”

Harley blushed a little. “Well, as long as you like it.”

“Definitely loving the blonde but you need a little more…oomph. Maybe some pigtails.” Joker answered.

“I’ll be whatever you need me to be.” Harley answered.

“Whatever I want you to be?” Joker asked. She nodded. “What if I said I wanted you to be like me…in every way?”

“However you want me.” Harley whispered into his ear.

“Then I don’t need to tell you again.” Joker said, right before the deafening sound of the alarm went off in their ears. Joker looked up and smiled at the red lights that accompanied the alarms. “Well, that’s my cue.” He smiled as he looked back to Harley for the last time. “What did I say, my dear?”

“Axis Chemicals in two days.” Harley answered. She smiled back at Joker. “I’ll be there.”

“That’s my girl.” Joker said with one last smile before running through the access hatch and into the maintenance corridor, his laughter fading into the overwhelming darkness ahead of him.

“Two days…” Harley nodded. “I can wait.”

Joker Session 6 Notes by Dr. Harley Quinn

I love him.


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