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Glorry Mang

Leonardo Dicaprio has been a favorite actor for years starring in many films from Romeo and Juliet to Inception and most importantly The Revenant.

The memes speak for themselves. He has been a very successful actor for years and years, but the poor man has never won an Oscar. Every year we watch The Oscars and we see Leo get nominated once again, but he continued to fail. As The Oscars came upon us and the nominees for this year's Oscars were presented, Leo found himself once again nominated for best actor in a major film, The Revenant. We had been waiting and waiting for this day to arrive and it finally did!

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, Leonardo Dicaprio has finally won his first ever Oscar!

We were slightly confused however because we expected an extravagant or hilarious speech as it has been anticipated for years. Instead we got the same old speech as everyone else. And global warming. Well at least this beautiful man has finally earned The Oscar that he deserved!


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