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The day has finally come! On the day that comes only once every 4 years, Leonardo DiCaprio, after being nominated 6 times, has broken the internet by finally winning a well deserved Oscar for 'Best Leading Actor' for his film, The Revenant. For many years DiCaprio has been subjected to countless jokes across the world for being nominated so many times, but still lacking an Oscar award to his name. So, it isn't surprising, that upon being called to accept his ever anticipated Oscar, the crowds of celebrities, even those who had been nominated for the same award, rose to give DiCaprio a standing ovation that won't be forgotten.

However, what will forever be chiseled into the Oscar history books is his phenomenal speech. After so many years, you may think that Leo's acceptance speech would be one not to be forgotten in a hurry and he didn't fail to impress. If you haven't heard his words yet you can see it in the video below:

I'm not sure about you, but I truly believe that his words are truly from the heart. Apart from thanking pretty much all the people who helped him get to where he is today, Leo takes his moment in the spotlight to to send a very important message to audiences across globe: that global warming is real and it is happening now. Though it may be a bit artificial to say that thanks to global warming Leo may not have won his Oscar, this issue has been addressed by the celebrity countless time and for him to spend a good portion of the little time granted to him for a speech he's been waiting for so many years, it really is a topic close to his heart.

Leonardo has always been considered one of the greenest celebrities to hit Hollywood. Having openly supported Earth-friendly causes and having founded his own eco-foundation, DiCaprio is doing what so many celebrities fail to do, he's actually uses his fame to make a positive change in this world. So let us celebrate Leo's award but let us not forget his words.

...Let us not take this planet for granted.



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