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Following the release of Fox’s tweet advising that “You’ll Never See Him Coming” and the feedback to the prospect of a new film in the Predator franchise, Fox has released a date for the new film: March 2, 2018.

Director Shane Black of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Lethal Weapon 2 and Iron Man 3 fame (and who acted in the original Predator film) has stated that this film will not be a direct reboot like it was thought to be, but it will in fact, be a sequel to the original Predator film titled The Predator. Like Jurassic World, this sequel looks like it will be ignoring the less than popular Predator 2 film (even though I thought it was a good flick). In an interview with Collider, producer John Davis promises the film will reinvent the franchise.

Where could they go with the franchise if this is going to be a direct sequel to the 1987 classic? Predators did a pretty good job going into new territories by having more than one “hero” go to a place where they were being hunted by predators in training. Here’s one theory on where to go:

(Dark Horse Comics)
(Dark Horse Comics)

The new film should draw inspiration from the Dark Horse Comics series Predator: Cold War. In this comic book, a Predator spaceship crashed in Siberia, and required American and Soviet agents into an arms race to recover the ship and its technology and have to also fight the Predator. This would be a great film for various reasons:

1. A cold temperature gives The Predator a new environment to hunt in

In the films, The Predator has always hunted in hot climates. In the first Predator film, it was the jungles of Central America. In Predator 2, the predator hunted in hot and steamy Los Angeles. In Predators, the planet was a humid jungle-like in the original Predator movie. The idea is that the hotter it is, the better. The Predator can see since its vision is based on infrared. However, it would be much easier to see their prey if they were in a cold environment since their prey’s heat signature would make them far more visible from a much larger distance, being the only thing with a high body temperature.

2. A 'Buddy Cop' movie with Soviet and American agents

Director Shane Black is famous for writing Lethal Weapon 2, Iron Man 3, and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, films that had a buddy cop feel to them. Putting an American Agent and a Soviet agent at together in a situation where they must rely on each other in order to defeat their enemy is a recipe for a great film.

3. A movie about a literal “space race”

The hunt for technology while also being hunted. The Soviet and USA were at odds during the Space Race historically. So a movie where the two superpowers not only have to fight each other, but have to fight an invincible enemy as well would be great.

Overall, this would be a great storyline for the film to possibly use, and would provide a new and fresh way for The Predator franchise to continue to entertain us.


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