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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' comic and TV series. Do not read on unless you have seen Episode 11, 'Knots Untie.'

Good gracious, Ignatius that was some episode of The Walking Dead! Following the intensity of the midseason finale and the comedy of Episode 10, "Knots Untie" was an exquisite follow-up, and boy did it reveal a lot — a whole community, in fact!

Yes, that's right, somewhere in between Rick and Michonne being caught out by the whole town and Glenn and Maggie (sorry Natalie) showing off their unborn baby to the rest of the gang (it turns out not even the apocalypse can stop parents from forcing baby photos on their friends), there was a whole new town introduced, and with it a whole new set of complex characters. Not to mention that for the first time ever the true viciousness of Negan was shown after Ethan stabbed Hilltop leader Gregory.

But among all of that there were still a few sneaky details that you might not have noticed on first glance. So with that said, take a good look at the five things you might have missed in The Walking Dead Episode 11, "Knots Untie."

1. Abraham Needs To Check Himself

Well, apparently all it takes is one road trip with Sasha leading zombies away from Alexandria and boom! Abraham's in love!

Over the course of "Knots Untie" we watched as Abraham pondered his romantic future and eventually seemed to come to a pretty clear conclusion when the necklace Rosita made for him lays forgotten in Hilltop's yard.

But while this decision about who Abraham wants to be with is sure to ruffle a few feathers back in Alexandria, it could mean even worse things for Sergeant Abe, especially considering something else that Sasha mentioned at the beginning of the episode.

In the comic series there's a similar storyline in which Abraham cheats on Rosita with an Alexandrian named Holly (a role which now seems to have now been taken on by Sasha), and soon after that Rosita and Eugene also become a couple. Obviously this makes things pretty tense. However, after Abraham and Eugene go on a trip outside the walls of Alexandria, Abraham finally admits that if Eugene can make Rosita happy then that's a good thing — unfortunately, at that exact moment Abraham is shot with an arrow (fired by Dwight's crossbow) and killed.

So why exactly does this sound like a possibility? At the beginning of the episode Sasha told Abraham that Eugene is taking over her patrol with him, leaving open the possibility for the two of them to be outside the walls together, and to be targeted by Negan's men — possibly even by Dwight, who we know is now in possession of Daryl's crossbow.

2. Savage Rick Was Straight Out Of The Comics

There were a number of amazing scenes right out of the comics in Episode 11, but the most impressive of them all has to be Rick's very brutal introduction to the rest of Hilltop. After he slashes Ethan's neck and basically bathes in his blood, it appears as though the almost-feral Rick of Seasons 4 and 5 has returned as he turned to the the stunned townsfolk with a casual, "What?"

This scene is straight out of Issue 95 of the comic series, and is very similar to what was shown in the TV series when Rick also killed a man named Ethan. However, in the comic series it was because Negan was holding captive a Hilltop resident named Crystal, where in the show it appears to have been Ethan's brother Craig who was being held captive.

3. Spoilers: Negan Is Savage As Hell

Aside from allowing Rick to be introduced as the resident badass of Alexandria, the scene in which Ethan stabbed Gregory paved the way for an explanation we've been waiting for ever since the midseason finale: Who exactly is Negan?

Despite comic readers knowing that Negan is the ultimate villain, we haven't really seen all that much in the TV series to indicate what the leader of the Saviors is capable of. Until now. Sure, we knew that his men seemed pretty scary when a whole bunch of them stopped Daryl, Sasha and Abraham on the road — but killing two of Hilltop's residents, keeping one hostage and making another stab the leader all because the supply drop was a little light? That's next level! Not to mention the fact that he beat a 16-year-old to death to scare Hilltop into submission earlier in the apocalypse.

While at this stage it seems as though Rick and the gang might think they're able to take on the group pretty easily, I have a feeling they're about to realize they've underestimated what Negan is capable of and, by the time the season finale rolls around, their hubris will come back to haunt them.

4. Maggie Is Setting Her Sights On Leadership

During Season 5 we saw the beginnings of Maggie's career in politics after she was made Deanna's assistant, and in "Knots Untie" she made it pretty clear that this was a role she was born to do when she acted as a diplomat for Alexandria, speaking to Gregory on behalf of the group.

While it's unlikely that Maggie will be taking over as leader of Alexandria, the writers of the show seem to be setting up for her to follow the storyline of her comic book counterpart who eventually ends up as the leader of Hilltop further along in her pregnancy. While it appears as though some viewers have been unimpressed with this so-called unexpected move by the show, I personally think it makes total sense considering that Maggie frequently calls back to her time spent with Deanna and the lessons she learned.

5. The Date With Lucille Was Hinted At

By now I think most of us know that in Issue 100 of the comic series, Negan bashes in Glenn's head with his wire-covered baseball bat he calls Lucille. For a long time fans have theorized whether or not this would ever be included in the series, but after countless hints over the last few seasons it now seems pretty likely someone will meet their fate at the hands of Negan, and in "Knots Untie" it was alluded to once again.

After Rick demands an explanation from Jesus of who Negan is, the gang is told how Negan beat 16-year-old Rory to death in front of Hilltop residents so they would "understand right off the bat" how things were going to be. Yep, those were the words he used: right off the bat. Pretty telling, right? With the season finale of the show coming up in just a few weeks, it seems like the gang will soon be down a member — who do you think will be getting up close and personal with Lucille?

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 12, 'Not Tomorrow Yet' on Sunday, March 6 on AMC.

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