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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is about three months away and its time for us to start looking at the bigger picture. That means us thinking about how this movie will fit into the MCU as a whole. The last phases have been bringing us closer and closer to Infinity War and Civil War will be no different. I truly believe though that the connecting tissue will come from a player in the movie we haven't seen or heard much from and that's Baron Zemo!

Baron Zemo is in the movie and will be played by Daniel Bruhl. Some of you might be asking who Baron Zemo is and why is he important for Captain America: Civil War.

If you're not too familiar with Baron Zemo I'll give you a quick run down. The name Baron Zemo has been shared by two people: Dr. Heinrich Zemo, and Helmut Zemo. The one I believe we will be seeing in Civil War though is of course Helmut, although Dr. Heinrich will still have a crucial role.

If you don't know by now, Dr. Heinrich is Helmut's father so this is where things get interesting for Civil War.

Some History

Dr. Heinrich was a scientist for the the Nazi party and one of the best. He was known for creating many powerful weapons but none came to fruition due to the Howling Commandos taking him down.

This is where I believe the hate starts for Captain America and more trouble for our Avengers. The way I see it is Captain and the Commandos or even just the Commandos took down Dr. Heinrich and his base. Then just skip forward to the present time and you have his son Helmut who must obviously be out for revenge on Captain for his father's demise as well as for the suffering he went through. You see, in the comics, that hood over Zemo is glued stuck from some adhesive Cap got on him. This makes the Doctor go crazy and be not such a great dad, and this is what angers Helmut.

I'm guessing Helmut must have had an alliance with Strucker to take down the Avengers, specifically Captain America. He soon discovers there really is no way to take down the Avengers due to how strong they are as a team. This is where Zemo must have an epiphany and that is he must disband the Avengers.

I mean, we can already see that these guys aren't really on the best of terms in Age Of Ultron but what could be the thing that just makes things go over the edge? It's one man and one only that will be the final straw for Tony and Steve.

Bucky a.k.a. The Winter Soldier?

That's right this guy has been confirmed to be returning in Captain America Civil War but why is he the other crucial part of this story? We already know that Tony and Steve aren't exactly seeing eye to eye in Age Of Ultron. This might have to do with Tony creating a genocidal psychopathic robot bent on world destruction. I believe however this wouldn't be enough to start an all out war with each other. No, there's got to be something bigger. Then I had it! The reason is its due to one critical event in the story that involves The Winter Soldier and Howard Stark. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier it was heavily implied that Bucky was responsible for Stark's death after HYDRA saw him as a huge threat.

I would not be surprised if this is what tore Steve and Tony apart, with Tony wanting to kill Bucky while Steve wants to give him redemption. Baron Zemo might be the one who confirms this information to Stark and offers to help him rebuild a better world. Tony, fresh off Ultron, realizes that he might have a point and gives in, offering to aid Zemo in anything including weaponry. In the aftermath of this we will have two teams going at it while in the background Zemo will be plotting his ultimate plan. I will get to that in my next article, for now I wanted to just share this theory I had on how Zemo will be the most crucial part in Civil War. What do you think of Daniel Bruhl playing Zemo?


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