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Watching the Oscars ceremony last night, we couldn't help but cry, laugh, or smirk along with the lucky winners. (And run around the living room shouting YES LEO YESSS!)

It's always fascinating to see how our favorite actors and actresses react to hearing their name called out on stage, knowing that they're being filmed and watched by hundreds of thousands of people. Will they jump? Will they cry? What if they faint? Oh my goood.

To relive these wonderful moments, we've compiled seven of the best types of reactions shown by Oscar winners throughout the years:

1. The "I'm Holding Back My Tears But I Love You All So Much":

Alicia Vikander was the most adorable winner when she went on stage to collect her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in The Danish Girl.

Gwyneth Paltrow, looking as romantic as her character in Shakespeare In Love in her pale pink dress, delivered the epitome of an emotional and moving speech.

2. The "I'm So Relieved And So Happy":

Charlize Theron was already cracking up at Adrien Brody's jokes, so when she heard her name announced for Best Actress for her role in Monster, she was so happy she just started laughing out loud.

Matthew McConaughey looking at the ceiling when Jennifer Lawrence reads out his name for his role in Dallas Buyers Club is a mix of amazement and pressure release. Imagine holding your breath for that split second when the host opens the envelope? Also, look at his grin!

3. The Sober "Thank You":

Daniel Day Lewis is almost impassible when he goes up to collect his Oscars for My Left Foot, There Will Be Blood, and Lincoln. Every time. We're not sure if he's absorbed his movie roles a little too much or if he's just always been so impressive.

4. The "Oh My God This Is NUTS":

It would be hard to imagine Jennifer Lawrence containing her excitement, so it was really no surprise that she reacted wide-eyed to her win for Silver Linings Playbook.

Halle Berry winning an Oscar for her performance Monster's Ball looked like she needed a confirmation that yes, this was all real.

5. The "Hugs All Around!":

When Kate Winslet's name was announced as the winner for her role in The Reader, she proceeded to hug and kiss her neighbors in the audience and the actresses on stage before moving on to her speech. A nice way to collect her thoughts for sure!

6. The "Hehehe I'm Like A Little Kid (And I Get To Make Out With Halle Berry)":

You couldn't not feel happy for Adrien Brody when he won his Oscar for The Pianist. His smile is just contagious.

7. The "I Was Born Ready":

Leo's mix of candid excitement and composure reminded everyone of how long he had been waiting for this. His face simply says, "This is my moment." And boy it is.

What's your favorite reaction at the Oscars?


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