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By now we've all seen Deadpool at least once, and are eagerly awaiting any scraps of information regarding the sequel, which was recently confirmed. But before we completely forget the original in our speculation about who the next major villain might be, you might be interested to learn more about one of the more endearing characters from the film – Colossus.

A video from FX Guide and Wired recently showed just what an enormous job it was to bring this huge metallic superhero to life, revealing that it actually took five actors! So what did all of those people do to help make up Colossus? Read on to find out:

Motion capture actor - T.J. Storm

Actor and martial arts expert T.J. Storm provided the initial motion capture performance in a studio to capture the motions of Colossus.

On-set performer - Andre Tricoteux

Source: Wired
Source: Wired

In addition to a motion-capture actor who did work in studio, 6'9" tall actor Andre Tricoteux was also a second performer used on location. However, even at that height he wasn't quite tall enough for Colossus and needed to wear either platform shoes or a headpiece to make up the difference!

Voice - Stefan Kapičić

Stefan Kapičić provided that strong Russian accent that we heard in the final cut of Deadpool. Kapičić actually took over from Tricoteux as voice actor at the last minute.

Face - Glenn Ennis

It may be Stefan Kapičić's voice coming out of Colossus, but it's Glenn Ennis's face it's coming out of! Ennis, who was also a stunt actor on Deadpool, was picked by director Tim Miller to act as the facial model for Colossus – giving him that chiseled jaw! You might also be interested to know that Glenn Ennis was the actor behind the bear that attacked Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant.

Facial performance - Greg LaSalle

Source: Wired
Source: Wired

Despite the fact that Stefan Kapičić provided the voice of Colossus, and Greg Ennis was used as the face, it was Greg LaSalle who was used as the facial performer for the character! The VFX team then used LaSalle's facial movements and digitally blended them onto the metallic face of Colossus.

Visual Effects

Source: Wired
Source: Wired

And, while there may have been five different actors who acted as part of Colossus, there was also a huge visual effects team working on him (primarily from Digital Domain) who deserve a massive shout out as well.

Design FX and have explained the whole thing in great detail below, so hit play if you're interested:

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