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One of the best parts of the record breaking, depraved and ultimately awesome film adaptation of the Merc with a Mouth is the highly meta aspects of the humor. Deadpool's fourth wall breaking and self awareness are a trait of the comics which have now successfully transferred onto the big screen.

But taking this self awareness one step further, a Reddit user has come up with an interesting theory that is entirely conceivable. Tophatpainter believes the pansexual antihero is a hyper-meta-badass who created the script to his own film.

Basically, within the 'Deadpool' universe, the character wrote his own movie.

Sound a little far fetched to you? Well, below is a list of compelling evidence:

** Be Warned - Serious Spoilers Await **

1. There Is Precedent, My Friends

Deadpool helped to script the video game
Deadpool helped to script the video game

Before we take a look at the in-movie references that render the theory possible, let's look at the singular, most important piece of evidence - something very, very similar has occurred before.

In the Deadpool videogame, Wade Wilson starts by threatening the game studio, High Moon Studios, demanding that they make the "most awesome video game ever." By the use of, uhum, 'explosive' means, Wade ends up influencing the plot.

2. Ryan Reynolds

If Wade were to pick an actor to play him in a feature film, we know he'd pick Ryan Reynolds. In the comic, 'Cable & Deadpool Vol 1#2,' Deadpool refers to his appearance as Reynolds crossed with a Shar-Pei (one of those scraggly faced dogs with an abundance of excess skin).

The actor did of course play the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2010. However, the comic strip was released six years prior, in 2004.

Its relevance to the theory being that in the Wade's universe, he is the only person who knows what he looked like prior to the Weapon X treatment.

3. The Opening Credits

Before the full feature was released, it was clear the feature film would be full of meta elements, and the opening few minutes certainly didn't disappoint; rather than a list of names, the film mocks the superhero genre by crediting "the hot chick," "the comic relief," "a CGI character," "a moody teen” and “a gratuitous cameo."

This fits with the idea that if Deadpool was writing the script, he'd openly mock everyone else involved in typical outlandish fashion.

4. The Fourth Wall Breaks

While the feature is bursting at the seams with fourth wall breaks (and even, at one point, a SIXTEEN wall break), Wade never directs them at the writers or the director.

This is something you would expect if you were to follow the comics. Usually, Wade will talk to the editor, or the creator, such as the above clip from 'Deadpool Vol. 1: Secret Invasion' where he addresses Rob Liefeld.

A lack of this in the movie could suggest that is because, of course, he is in control of the story. This is also backed up by the fact some of the meta elements take tongue-in-cheek digs at the studio but not the writers (for example, not paying up for more X-Men).

5. Colossus

The theory suggests that, within the Deadpool universe, events did happen, but they are being retold in the Merc's voice. Colossus is a good example of this.

There are two elements to Colossus that are important to the theory. The first is his imposing size. Wade gets his ass kicked by the metallic X-Men member, so as a projection of his own ego, he portrays him as being enormous.

The 'moody teen' thinks Deadpool is cool
The 'moody teen' thinks Deadpool is cool

Secondly, the scene where Colossus is essentially begging him to join the X-Men and "become a hero" would fit in with a narrative written by Deadpool himself. Heck, even the "moody teenager" Negasonic Teenage Warhead ends up thinking our protagonist is cool!

In addition to this, the theory stretches to suggest that Colossus doesn't realize he is in an R-rated film; hence the PG-13 spiel and the scene where he tries covering Angel Dust's breasts.

6. Wade's Relationship With Vanessa

Finally, if you were an egotistical maniac who was writing his very own film, you'd end up 'getting the girl,' right?

Deadpool's backstory is fairly tragic, and this cinematic love story doesn't really fit with the comic's tone. Of course, if Wade wrote the script himself, that would explain why there is such a happy ending in a movie that is generally so true to the comic.

What are your thoughts on the theory? In the Deadpool Universe, could the character have written his own movie script?

Source: Reddit


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