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"It's unsettling, it challenges everything you've ever believed." This is how Jimmy Kimmel describes the forthcoming battle between Batman and Superman in Dawn Of Justice.

What sits even more uncomfortably, however, is the news that Jimmy Kimmel almost had an extended cameo in Batman V Superman.

Furthermore, as if merging the universes of Metropolis and Gotham wasn't enough, the film almost collided with the world of The Martian — thanks to an appearance by Matt Damon. And the cherry on the cake is none other than Lego Batman!

"Are we the only ones up here?"
"Are we the only ones up here?"

OK, the "deleted scene" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last weekend might not actually be taken from director Zack Snyder's new movie. But the six-minute comedy clip does offer a lineup of unmissable starriness: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jesse Eisenberg, Will Arnett and Matt Damon.

Before the clip, Kimmel and Affleck are having a regular chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Kimmel boasts about his cameo:

"I am in it. I am really, really great in it."

Things get more interesting when Affleck informs Kimmel how the final cut has unfortunately deprived moviegoers of a chance to see Kimmel with the Bat and Man Of Steel:

"The filmmakers had to make a tough choice. The movie was a hair long. They took that right out."

Luckily for us, Affleck brought the clip with him. It is a parody of the trailer No. 2, which sees Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne meeting in their civvies at some kind of event or function.

The clip opens on a similarly white-walled set, and even has the same pattern behind Cavill as in the original.

See the original here:

In the new clip, Kimmel interrupts the tense conversation. He plays a star-struck fan who has just recognized his favorite superhero in the flesh.

The TV host then did what would happen if Superman and Batman went to a drinks party in real life:

"I know you. People ever tell you you look like Superman? You're Superman!"

While getting Affleck to snap a shot of him with Cavill for Instagram, a new perspective of Affleck's chin catches Kimmel's eye. He exclaims:

"You're Batman! I got Batman and Superman over here!"
I would know that lower face anywhere.
I would know that lower face anywhere.

Here's Affleck in Bat gear. Would you recognize him from that gorgeous chin?

Kimmel gets told to unreservedly "fuck off" by Affleck. Like a good chat show host, he doesn't back down, approaching them moments later in an attempt to Periscope their meeting.

Superman doesn't take too kindly to this social media intervention, squashing Kimmel's phone as if it were a tomato and dropping it in his martini.

Following the altercation, Eisenberg, who plays villain Lex Luthor, joins the group. Kimmel interrupts Eisenberg's spiel about Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne to tell him his discovery. Eisenberg blusters:

"I feel like such an idiot, of course that's him. I've spent my life trying to kill a journalist, I'm so embarrassed."

Eisenberg wanders off in shame. Not quite the reaction you'd expect from Luthor.

And not to be forgotten, Lego Batman then crashes the party:

Who cares about Lego Batman?
Who cares about Lego Batman?

Or, more specifically, the voice of Lego Batman from The Lego Movie and forthcoming The Lego Batman Movie, Will Arnett.

This irks Affleck even more than Kimmel, as both chorus:

"No-one cares about Lego Batman."

Kimmel then dons a cape and toasts the pair with a rousing rendition of "Crank That" by Soulja Boy.

This is a step too far for Cavill, who follows through with his threat to launch Kimmel "off the planet."

Kimmel lands on Mars, where he is met by old pal Matt Damon! Damon suggests they conduct a chat show until the end of time. Kimmel trudges off to die.

Watch the clip here:

'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' will be released on March 25.

Who would you like to see cameo in 'Batman V Superman'?

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