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We might still be waiting for the official green-light on X-Force, but after Deadpool's ruthless success at the box office, I feel like it's only a matter of time before Fox welcomes Cable and co. to its upcoming slate.

Ryan Reynolds himself has stated that an X-Force movie is his next major priority and we've seen how effective his commitment to a project can be. While Deadpool was initially seen as a risk by executives at Fox, Reynolds was as relentless as his character in his dedication to getting this movie made. It's clear he knows what to gamble on, but he's not the only Deadpool team member who's already looking to the next big thing.

Screenwriters Rhett Reese And Paul Wernick Confirm Their involvement With 'X-Force'

In an interview with Indiewire's The Playlist, Rodrigo Perez asked Reese and Wernick about keeping the R-rated streak alive with more follow-ups in the X-Men universe. After essentially assuring that Cable will appear in the Deadpool sequel (that they're already working on), the talented writers make clear that anything that Deadpool touches will have to filter through them:

“We will have a hand in it. I think everything that ‘Deadpool’ is involved in we will have a hand in and it’s a universe that Ryan [Reynolds] and us are very close to and very protective of, so I do think we would absolutely involved in that franchise as well. If it’s 'Deadpool' related, I think you’ll see some of our fingerprints on that.”

With this kind of casual confidence, an X-Force movie starring Cable and Deadpool appears to be the closest thing to a sure bet without any concrete statement.

In terms of team members, if Fox doesn't want to spend too much time establishing new characters like Dr. Nemesis, it already has a slew of recognizable characters to choose from who have already been or will be introduced. Aside from Deadpool and Cable, these include Colossus, Psylocke, Archangel, Cyclops and Wolverine.

Getting Hugh Jackman back would definitely be a hard sell, but there's no doubt that a rough-and-tumblr Wolverine would fit in perfectly in this new mature franchise. Either way, an X-Force is looking more and more likely with each day, and that's a very exciting prospect.


(Source: IndieWire)


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