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Last week on The Walking Dead, Maggie managed to strike a deal for half of Hilltop's supplies in exchange for killing the Saviors. While this might seem like a big task, Rick and his core team seemed up to the challenge – but are the rest of Alexandria?

The promos for episode 12 'Not Tomorrow Yet,' have just been released, and it appears as though Rick is going to have to give one hell of a sermon to get these townsfolk onside. Take a look at the short promo and the longer sneak peek below, and let me know what you think will happen in episode 12 in the comments section:

The promo for next week may be short, but it certainly showed us pretty clearly what episode 12 'Not Tomorrow Yet' will be largely focusing on: gearing up to go to war with Negan and his Saviors. The teaser opened with a shot of the RV and two vehicles making their way down a road:

Rick and the gang in the RV
Rick and the gang in the RV

After cutting to a scene in the church back at Alexandria, Rick speaks to the townsfolk and lays out the situation in a voiceover which continues through the whole promo:

"These Saviors, sooner or later they would have found us and then they would try to own us. We have to come for them before they come for us. And we have to win. That's how we keep this place – that's how we feed this place. We're gonna have to fight."
Father Gabriel is FAR from pleased
Father Gabriel is FAR from pleased

After seeing the town meeting, the promo chops back to the scene with the vehicles, and it seems obvious that this is part of the plan to take on the Saviors on their own terms.

We see a plan of attack being drawn up:

And a plan being executed as the heavily armed team make their way into a building – could it be the Saviors compound or another spot they're planning to draw the group towards?

Damn, talk about intense! Sometimes it's not always super clear from the promo what the next episode might be about, but this week it seems pretty clear that episode 12 is going to be concerned with the Alexandrians formulating a plan to take on Negan. What remains unclear is whether or not we'll get to see this plan be put into action in episode 12, or if it'll be an episode largely made up of planning and preparation for a future episode.

Right, now here's the longer sneak peek:

The sneak peek works well with the promo this week, as it takes us back inside the church at Alexandria to listen to Rick's speech about what the people of Hilltop have promised in exchange for taking out Negan and the Saviors.

Rick looking biblical as all heck
Rick looking biblical as all heck

The camera pans over the faces of many of the Alexandrians as we hear Rick's proposal to fight back against Negan and his men, though it notably zooms in on a very uncertain looking Morgan.

As the camera turns back to Rick, he tells the room that going to war against Negan needs to be a group decision, and he then asks that if anyone has objections they need to speak up. But unfortunately the promo ends before we find out if anyone does object! What do you think, will anyone speak up against the plan to take out Negan?

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 12, 'Not Tomorrow Yet' on Sunday, March 6 on AMC.

What are you expecting to see in episode 12?


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