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Mark Newton

It's that time of the week again. The time where we tell you how much money Deadpool continues to make at the box office. It's become a tradition of sorts.

Deadpool continues to dominate the domestic box office and has spent its third week astride the top position, seeing off competition from the likes of Gods Of Egypt, Eddie The Eagle and Triple 9. This weekend it raked in an additional $40.2 million globally with helpful overseas additions from the UK ($3.4 million), Germany ($3.2 million) and Australia ($3.2 million). However, its most profitable market this weekend was South Korea, where it took a haul of $3.82 million.

This means that overall Deadpool has now made $609 million, with more than half that amount ($324.4 million) coming from international markets. This would be a relatively impressive amount for any superhero origin movie, but it's even more so when you remember Deadpool was somewhat of an experiment into creating an R-rated comic book movie with widespread appeal. Currently, Deadpool sits third on the R-rated all-time domestic charts, behind American Sniper and The Passion Of The Christ.

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