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After years of hard work, awesomeness and unluckiness. Leonardo finally gets the Oscar. This perhaps was the most deserving award anyone ever got.

After Finally Winning The Oscar For Best Actor (Male). DiCaprio Utilized The Spotlight By Warning People About Climate Change And Corporate Greedy Politicians.

“Climate change is real,” he said. “It is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat affecting our species. We need to work together and stop procrastinating.” DiCaprio concluded by urging support for those people whose “voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed”. “Let us not taken this planet for granted,” he said. “I do not take tonight for granted.”

And Today Is The God Damn Day! Bitches
And Today Is The God Damn Day! Bitches

Oh and I forgot to mention! He took the chance to indirectly troll all the haters and trolls out there....

A moment of silence for all of them.

But, as it is said- ' With the death of one legendary troll. Another legendary troll will rise from its ashes.'


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