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So the Oscars happened yesterday and a lot of wonderful films got awarded, but since i am a Star Wars fan, I gotta say something.....Why in the bloody hell didn't The Force Awakens win anything?

Now, Awakens was not nominated for the Big awards, but still, not winning anything is ridiculous, since it's probably the biggest movie of 2015.

I'm gonna say that Awakens should at least won Best Visual Effects, in which Ex Machina did win (Don't get me wrong, it's a great film but still)

Let's countdown two reasons why it was snubbed so bad:

#1: Too Late?


Star Wars 7 entered theaters in December, two months just before the Oscars, but Oscars Judges are old arseholes, so they take a lifetime to vote, but that's just me.

#2: It's Too Mainstream?

Star Wars 7 was probably the most talked about film in the whole world, so everybody knows what Star Wars is, so it's one of the most popular franchises of all time.

But the Academy accepts many independent and not that popular films like Spotlight (which was a great film) and..oh god, why?...The Danish Girl (which sucked because it's just a bad film mis-using it's own themes and plot and, oh yeah, fuck Tom Hooper! Well, atleast the lovely Alicia Vikander won).


Do you have a reason to why Star Wars 7 was snubbed?

Well, its a damn shame that Episode 7 didn't won anything, but atleast Mad Max won a shit ton of Oscars.


Why Do You Think The Force Awakens was Snubbed?


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