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The transition of horror franchises from big screen to TV spinoff is all the rage at the moment; for example, shows like Bates Motel are now well established, while classics like The Exorcist have been confirmed for TV format.

One popular franchise that won't be making such a transition is Halloween. Sadly, Michael Myers and his masked murderous adventures will be sticking to terrifying cinemagoers instead.

Rumors And Falsehoods

There were rumors that the show format was being considered, but Halloween producer Malek Akkad quashed the speculation in a recent interview with Dread Central. When asked about the possibility, he said:

“No. Utter rumors and falsehoods.”

Will There Be Future Feature Films?

Myers in the "Halloween II" remake.
Myers in the "Halloween II" remake.

Sigh... Well that's that, then. Although we won't be seeing a TV version, there could still be further feature releases. Since the original Halloween release in 1978, there have been nine additional films in the series.

Most recently, horror auteur Rob Zombie took the helm by remaking the original in 2007, and followed it up with Halloween II (the second) in 2009.

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