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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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Freddy Krueger is a face (if you can call it that) that almost everybody recognizes, featuring in hugely successful novels, movies and even a documentary as part of The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. But did you know that Freddy also once starred in his very own comic book series?

Way back in 1989, Marvel Comics released a magazine series called Freddy Krueger's A Nightmare on Elm Street, written by Steve Gerber and illustrated by Joe Jusko, Rich Buckler and Tony DeZuniga. Sadly for Freddy fans, the comic was extremely short-lived, as it was cancelled after only two issues.

But why?! Heat from anxious anti-violence groups? Pressure from parents whose precious offspring had got their grubby little hands on the comic? No, the series was cancelled out of fear of those things. That's right, the book was repealed before anyone could even say anything about it.

These days, "mature readers" are expected to be responsible for themselves so assuming you are one, let's take a look inside those doomed first two editions. Starting with the very first thing you see when you open the front cover:

Brilliant. Our story is set pretty much straight after A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and starts with a young Allison Hayes on the verge of death. Mid-surgery, in true Krueger style, Freddy uses Allison's own intestines to attack her in her dreams.

Luckily, she survives but winds up in a psychiatric unit assigned to none other than renowned New York psychiatrist, Dr. Juliann Quinn. Meanwhile, we meet Amanda Krueger and finally get the full story of how she got trapped in the psycho ward of 'The Tower' over Christmas - and how Freddy really is the bastard son of a thousand maniacs.

Freddy is put up for adoption but on his first night with his new parents, he is kidnapped by burglars and later sold to a pimp and prostitute that use him to help their pretty perverted business.

Sick of their shit, Freddy murders the pair of them when he's a teenager and finds himself thieving on the streets. His real life is so awful that he begins to focus his energy on controlling the world of dreams, which is when he becomes the Freddy we're used to seeing in the movie flashbacks.

Back to the main story, Juliann has a nightmare before she even arrives in town featuring Freddy but also Allison, and so the girls are pretty shocked when they recognize each other on their first meeting. Juliann takes it upon herself to explain the mythology behind Freddy's twisted actions so they can figure out how to defeat him.

And so the dream battles begin, ranging from desert landscapes... wrestling rings... a giant version of Freddy's head.

You can see how it ends by reading the full comics here.

The writer really did a brilliant job with these comics and the artwork could give you just as many if not more nightmares than the actual movies did. Marvel did actually get as far as producing a cover for the third issue...

...and even an ad...

But back in the October, writer David said that while he originally felt that the story he had submitted for the series was like nothing else that he had ever written, in retrospect, he was no longer happy with it and was somewhat glad that it had never been published.

For anyone wanting to read and collect these issues for themselves, you can find them on Amazon for just $15.

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