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Now, if there's one thing that the interweb loves, it's memes of beloved pop-cultural icons looking unhappy. After all, what more can one ask from the world than the right to pursue one's own happiness, true love... and Sad Keanu, looking as though the weight of the world has been directly applied to his weary, weary shoulders.

What works for existential angst-ridden Keanu, though, also tends to work for similarly distraught-seeming screen legends - and while Sad Pluto was actually a little bit too fundamentally upsetting to handle, that doesn't mean that intrepid meme-makers haven't followed up the emotional distress of Keanu Reeves with a sadness almost as worthy of greatness. Specifically:

Sad Flash Is Now A Thing, And It Is Both Sad And Awesome

That's right — meme-based sorrow has come to the CW, and it's targeted the scarlet speedster himself. Specifically, intrepid Redditor Pietru24 recently launched a Photoshop Battle based on the above image, and the results were about as awesome as you'd imagine. Here are seven of my personal favorites:

First up?

7. Deadpool Is A (Glorious) Tool

Which isn't actually hugely surprising.


6. Zoom Is A Surprisingly Good Guy To Go To Gigs With

Who'd have thunk it?

5. The Flash Really Doesn't Like His Sandbox

Which is insane, because that thing looks awesome.

4. The Flash Doesn't Appreciate Being Confused With His Tech Counterpart

3. The Flash Feels Left Out Of The Justice League

Nobody tell Ezra Miller...

2. The Flash Gets His Bull On

Note: this is pretty much exactly how that would go in the show, too.

And, finally...

Sad Keanu Only Makes Sad Flash More Depressed

Coming to a theater near you... a week or two ago?

Nicely played, Internet. Nicely played...

What do you think, though?


Who has the right to be the most sad, Keanu or The Flash?



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