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When Square Enix revealed that the return of one of the most beloved and lauded games of all time was to receive a Remake for the XBOX One and PS4, fans were understandably elated. However, Square Enix were greeted with an antithetical response upon their announcement that the game was to be split into various episodes. How fun.

In some cases, fans were furious. It was seen as a deliberate attempt to get as much money as possible out of fans (though there are two other reasons why Final Fantasy 7 went episodic) and a disservice to Final Fantasy 7. While there could be numerous benefits to splitting this masterpiece into episodes, we have to acknowledge that this could disappoint us, especially those who've yet to play the game.

3 Ways Final Fantasy 7 Remake Could Disappoint On Its Release Date

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Where do you stand on games like Final Fantasy 7 and [Hitman (2016)](tag:3677378) (both of which are published by Square Enix) being released in sections? Do you think it will spread a lot of love over several months? Or will it ultimately impact on the flow of the experience? We'd love to know where you stand! But for now, let's explore some of the negative ramifications this release date strategy could have.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Final Fantasy 7 Remake
  • RPG Progression - How are Square Enix going to balance your progression in Final Fantasy 7? Once the first episode of the game is over, will we be allowed to continue playing in the world? Or will it simply end? If the former occurs, we could technically level our character far beyond what the rest of the story requires. We could become far too powerful, thus rendering the rest of the episodes far too easy. Though perhaps Square will introduce a level cap for each episode. In any case, this could disrupt the flow of the original game's progression.
  • Narrative - The narrative of Final Fantasy 7 may suffer after being stretched over so many episodes. If you reach the end of a sequence and are suddenly met with "buy episode 2 in a few months to continue" is this not going to impact on your enjoyment? You won't be able to enjoy it at your own pace unless you buy the complete package in...2017?
  • 3 Discs Isn't the Same - Final Fantasy 7 will probably be split where the original's 3 discs did. It'd be a nice way to balance the game, but at least they came with its release. People who've never played Final Fantasy 7 before will receive a strange version of it if they pick up the first episode and then be forced to wait.

What do you think about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Let us know in the comments!


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