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Dakota Johnson is something of a rising star these days. After Fifty Shades of Grey dominated the Valentine's Day box office last year, Johnson grabbed the date night crowd again with How To Be Single. This was an interesting turn for Johnson, who has become known for her sombre portrayal of Ana in Fifty Shades. But it looks like the actress' comedic acting is perfectly timed, and it's possible we might get to see more of this variety in Fifty Shades Darker.

A Mirror Image To Fifty Shades

How To Be Single features Dakota Johnson at her best as Alice, the young and naive woman who just wants to discover who she is outside of a relationship.

Interestingly, this makes How To Be Single a sort of mirror image to Fifty Shades of Grey, as instead of liberating herself through a romantic relationship, Dakota Johnson's character liberates herself from the romantic relationship. But whether she's exploring the wilds of NYC or testing the boundaries of her sexuality, Johnson seems to shine.

"How to Be Single allows her a good opportunity to further demonstrate her skills as both an engaging comedy performer and empathic lead alike." - Screenrant
Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson
Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson

Hopefully we'll get to see more of Johnson's comedy skills in the future, perhaps even in Fifty Shades Darker: a few months ago the actress commented to Elle Magazine that she would like to see some more humorous moments in the franchise...

"I need Anastasia to be funny. If you can’t laugh during a movie like that, you’re fucked. Literally. You need to have something that everyone can relate to."

Johnson explained how difficult it is for viewers to relate to Ana. After all, not all of us have corporate billionaires to rush us off in private helicopters (and considering what they want in return, I'm ok with that). Her solution? Make Anastasia funny! And that actually makes a lot of sense. The audience needs to sympathise with Ana, but crucially, without a sense of comedy in the films, the subject matter just gets too heavy.

Dakota Johnson wants comedy in Fifty Shades
Dakota Johnson wants comedy in Fifty Shades

But unfortunately it looks like Dakota Johnson's suggestions have fallen on deaf ears. The actress recently gave us some insight into what we can expect from Fifty Shades Darker, and it looks like the franchise is about to get deadly serious...

Romantic Movie Or Psychological Thriller?

In an interview with The Independent, Johnson talked about how she found the filming for Fifty Shades Darker a lot more challenging than she had expected.

"We shot the first movie two years ago, so it’s going to be a challenge to get back into that. But it’s happening and it’s going to be great. The story goes to an interesting place and it’s more of a thriller with new characters, which will be nice."
Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey
Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

The new characters Johnson mentions are Christian Grey's former lover Elena Lincoln, and his ex-childhood friend turned nemesis Jack Hyde.

With James Foley directing, it's no surprise that the next film in the franchise will take a turn for the darker, as Ana has to fight for Christian's affections. Here's hoping Johnson can still inject some of her indomitable sense of humour into the role: with what Ana's got in store for her, she'll need to find a way to laugh about it!


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