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"Murder House" , this first season follows the Harmon family , a family who moved from Boston to Los Angeles. A family who moved into this restored Victorian Mansion unaware that the house is haunted.

Well at the beginning I was not so sure if this television series would keep me interested after the "pilot"episode , because the first 10 minutes for me did not really contain anything interesting. It had nothing to really keep me going. but after 30 minutes of this first episode I was hooked , I watched 9 episodes in 1 day.

I am a bit late to the party I must admit. but after this season I will be checking out all of the other seasons. I loved the way the series reveals more and more with each episode. You will start to understand the reasons for each characters behavior.

I must say , my favorite character in this season is Violet the daughter of Ben & Vivien Harmon , played by Taissa Farmiga . Violet is the kind of character that all horror movies / series should have. She is not the scared little teenage girls that allot of movies use to exaggerate the scary scenes for special effect hahaha. She is a strong girl , who can keep it together in moments where all hope seems lost as you can see in the episode "Home Invasion".

Constance played by Jessica Lange has a very important roll in this season. Allot revolves around her. for those who haven't watched the season yet I will not be giving any spoilers. Just believe me when I say she has a big hand in all that goes down in this season.

Some of the scary scenes were predictable , but some really weren't predictable at all , which of course I liked about the season. Again not giving away any spoilers.So if I had to rate this season of "America Horror Story" a scale of 1 to 10 , I would give this season an 8.

I recommend you watching this season. I will be checking the other seasons out very soon and give you guys my review.


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