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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is right around the corner and last night on Jimmy Kimmel, Batman himself, Ben Affleck, debuted an exclusive clip showing the two heroes duke it out. Check it out:

This is a battle that we've seen moments of in the trailers with the great line "Stay down. If I wanted it, you'd be dead already" from Henry Cavill's Superman. Presumably this is the first time Batman uses his battle armor and as seen in the clip, it can handle a large amount of damage. Superman charges Batman through a building and throws the Bat down onto his own signal. At the end of the clip, Batman fires a grenade at Superman. Is this a normal grenade that will do absolutely no damage to Superman, or perhaps a Kryptonite infused lethal that will weaken the hero?

With such an action heavy director like Zack Snyder at the helm, we can expect many scenes similar to this one in the full feature which has been confirmed to come in at over 150 Minutes.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits theaters on March 25th. Let me know your thoughts on the clip in the comments or on Twitter @JamesPorter97


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