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The Oscar winners may have been a little surprising in some ways, but then painfully obvious in others. Whilst a few people may have been surprised to not see John Williams take home best score (seeing as he does so rather frequently) those more familiar with the work of Ennio Morricone will be less surprised. Especially with this being a year which also gave Di Caprio an Oscar, who if we're all being honest did whiff a little bit of "it's about time we gave him one".

As we learned from Rock My World Ennie Morricone had yet to win an Oscar despite having been nominated 6 times in the past and having received a lifetime achievement award.

Whereas Mad Max seemed to scoop up pretty much every less competitive awards including sound editing, it was certainly a strong contender for the prize, and from a technical perspective was certainly well made. A question will unfortunately hang over Ennie in the same way that it does Di Caprio with many wondering was he given it even partially due to the academy feeling he was owed one.


Did Ennie Deserve The Win?


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