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I've gotten to do a lot since writing for MoviePilot and now that has finally launched, it's a brand new starting point for everyone, whether its seasoned MP-writers or new Creators to come. A lot to be excited about for this website and its community to be completely honest.

So, with the idea of "firsts" being in my mind, I wanted to try something I haven't tried since I started writing for MoviePilot: create a challenge.

The Challenge of "FIRSTS"

The Challenge of "Firsts" is a challenge that prompts you to tell us all the different "first-times" you've had at the movies. Look at the list of 5 questions below and their descriptions (though they're really self-explanatory).

  • First Animated Movie - I'm sure for most everybody, our first film was an animated one. So go on and tell me what it was, what your first time in the theater was like (if you can remember) and what you think about that film today. Memories like that are so fun!
  • First Live-Action (NON-animated) Movie - Going to see your first movie in the theaters that wasn't a cartoon, huh? Look at you in your big-kid pants, all grown-up! What was the first movie you saw in theaters that replaced talking animated animals with real life human beings? What do you think about the film now?
  • First Date-Night Movie - There's something extremely romantic about a night at the movies. At least that's how I feel, especially as a teenager. There's the awkward closeness in that large, dimly lit room. Should you put your arm around her? Did his hand mean to touch yours when reaching for the soda? Are they going to hog all the popcorn? Tell me what the first movie was you saw with a "special-someone", how you liked it, and how the date went overall?
  • First R-rated Movie - Talk about being in your big-kid pants! What was the first R-rated movie you went to the theaters to see? Did you like it? Did your parents let you go see the film or did you have to sneak out of the house or deceive them about where you were going? Did you like the film? Do you still like the film?
  • First Superhero Movie - My personal favorite question because I'm such a huge superhero fan and in the year 2016, it seems completely relevant to ask. What was the first superhero you ever saw on the big screen? Does the movie still hold up for you today? Or is a dud?

My Answers

  • First Animated Movie: A Bug's Life (1998)

I was 8-years-old living in the gorgeous city of Colorado Springs and my parents were gifting me and my brother the opportunity to experience cinema as it is meant to be experienced: in theaters! I was so pumped by the experience because I had been told that this movie was similar to Toy Story which I loved!

I was able to taste the amazing, buttery-goodness of theater-popcorn, I got to sit in that over-sized, cushioned chair. When the lights went off, I'm sure my little 8-year-old heart was probably pounding. I'm sure they showed some trailers that blew me away at the time though I wouldn't be able to tell you what those were. I will not, however, ever forget the amazing short Geri's Game which was attached to the film.

It was the perfect precursor to the charming, family-friendly humor that was about to take place.

I was wowed by the color of A Bug's Life and I'm glad that out of all the animated movies that I could have ended up calling my first, that it was actually an earlier work of the more artistically-minded Pixar Studios.

From great voice-acting and characters to a fun, easy-to-follow story, there was nothing as a kid that I could have not liked about the film. I loved all the characters, I may have only wish there were even more bugs, but it was fantastic.

Before moving on to the next film though, I have to say that it was also while sitting in the dark theater's plushy cushions that I truly learned to appreciate surround-sound audio; the scene where Hopper and his gang decide to fly back to confront the ants once more, they buzzed across the screen in furious fashion and to me it sounded like helicopters were crashing through the building.

I'd never been so scared while watching a movie than I was in that first instant before I realized just what, exactly, was happening.

  • First Live-Action (NON-animated) Movie: Men in Black II (2002)

I'm 12-years-old at this point and my 17-year-old brother is off to a Youth Camp for one week out of the Summer. Thing is, my brother's my best-friend and always has been. We were both military brats so we didn't have childhood friends to grow up with, we just had each other. With this being the first time he'd be away for so long, I was a little depressed.

To help the week go by a little quicker, my awesome parents decided that they would take me to see Men in Black II considering that I loved the first movie as a kid (I don't know how many times I danced to that theme song) and Will Smith was my childhood joke, for a long time, Will Smith was one of the reasons I use to wish I was black.

It was fun for the time but I can't say that the movie really holds up all that well. The humor was just a little more cruder than it probably needed to be and it seemed like it relied on that a little too often between the bikini-clad introduction of the cleavage-bearing Sarleena (Lara Flynn Boyle) and the Ballchinian.

For me it was very unsettling at the time to see some form of testicles on the screen, especially with my mom and dad sitting right next to me. I was faced with the age-old questions: "Should I or should I not laugh?".

But, I'm thankful for Men in Black III which was a return to form in my opinion by introducing new characters and ideas while remaining cleverly funny.

  • First Date-Night Movie: Push (2009)

I'd been moderately interested in seeing Chris Evans' Push whenever it was advertised but I thought it may just be a movie rental, not necessarily the type of film I'd rush to the theaters to see. However, there was this one special girl who I was anxious just to get to hang out with me. Her name was Emily.

Thing is, I never had a normal high-school life. I went to a small Christian school where I was one of five-to-seven teenagers (depending on the time of year) and although there were girls there, none of them were a good fit. But working at Chick-fil-A with Emily, I found that sense of being a traditional teenager among those workers and that's when I decided to do something I never really thought I'd be brave enough to do before and that was ask a girl out.

Mind you, I'm not your normal kid. I was a year behind in school so I was a 19-year-old senior who didn't feel he had a lot going for him and thus didn't feel like my chances with this girl were very good. But, we had been talking for a few months and when I finally asked her out on a date, she said yes!

Of course I wanted to take her to a movie because that's what I traditionally view most dates as: dinner and a movie. So we ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise and then I took her to the local IMAX theater where we watched Push.

The movie was entertaining enough, it wasn't great but it wasn't bad. I honestly wish it would have been a little bit longer but it might have been hard to concentrate when you're making out with the hot girl you brought with you. But I loved the cast of actors they had in the movie and I thought the whole concept was really cool between these individuals with clear-cut and dry powers involving telekinesis and telepathy. There was a rumor even that the movie's premise would spin-off into a television show but I never saw that get any footing and it's too bad.

But that was the first movie date I'd ever taken a girl on before and I think that movie will always contain memories of that time in my life...memories that I cherish. As for how the date went altogether, well, it went so good that that same girl became the woman I've been married to for the past five and half years.

  • First R-rated Movie: The Passion of the Christ (2004)

I was one of those 14-year-olds who were part of a Youth Group that went collectively to see this film when it was released in theaters. So no, my first R-rated movie was not a film that I had to sneak into to see. This was a film that mom and dad gave me total permission to see. It was an even bigger deal because I grew up in churches that believed you shouldn't go to movie theaters (imagine how hard that was for me) so to see our whole Youth Group, plus our youth pastor and his wife, plus our church's head pastor and his wife just meant that they were serious about seeing just how accurate the story of Christ going to the cross actually was.

How does the film hold up today? Well, i think it holds up pretty well. Mel Gibson, however you may feel about him, has an eye for direction and The Passion of the Christ was one of his best directed films, in my opinion. The authenticity of the sets, the fact that everyone was speaking a mixture of three different languages: Hebrew, Latin, and Aramaic.

Now do I still like the film? Well, to be completely honest, I don't know that i ever could have said that I "liked" this movie. It's a brutal depiction of Son of God being blatantly disrespected, tortured, and ultimately crucified. There was nothing beautiful about it, it was an ugly affair. To say that I liked this movie would be like clicking the "Like" button on someone's sad Facebook post about losing a family member or friend.

There's nothing entertaining about The Passion of the Christ, that being said, I very much appreciated the film's intent (not Mel Gibson's intent). It helped me, as a visual person, better appreciate what the cost of my salvation was and although there might have been a few erroneous moments in the film or inaccuracies, this film was the most faithful to the true events that the Bible tells us took place.

  • First Superhero Movie: Daredevil (2003)

As a kid, I was home-schooled and because I was home-schooled, there wasn't a lot of extra-curricular activities to do that didn't involve playing Super Mario on the Super Nintendo or sneaking my Gameboy Advanced under the table so that I could play Pokemon. But, one of the activities that my parents tried to get us involved in, just to get us out of the house, was a home-school bowling league.

It sounds dorky and it was but I had a blast at the time and even won second in the entire tournament.

But the coolest memory I had of that time was when the bowling league had a competition that would be giving the winners two tickets to see Daredevil the night before its release and wouldn't you know it, I won!

I was still pretty early in my superhero fandom back then but I had been eagerly anticipating Daredevil because anything Marvel at the time had me sold. When I went to the theater, we stood in a large line of people and all of us were handed a free poster, unfortunately, mine and my brother's, who was with me, neither had Dardevil or Elektra but instead had Bullseye and Kingpin. I was disappointed by that, but everything else was cool. But I had a blast in theaters watching the movie and I loved every moment of it.

But looking back on it today, despite the memories that the movie has, does not hold up well. It was an awful movie and was only redeemed (slightly) by the R-rated Directors' Cut that was released which held a bit more story.

But the writing was bad, the script was bad, the casting was mediocre to bad, and was almost the reason why Ben Affleck almost said no to playing Batman in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

The only good thing about Daredevil was the soundtrack which really appealed to my style of music at that time of my life.


So, I hope you guys really enjoyed the list of challenge questions and that you guys have just as much fine telling me your own "Movie Firsts"!

But what did you think of my list? Feel free to share your comments, thoughts, opinions, and your own articles of your own in the comments section below!


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