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With Deadpool we finally received a comic adaption that we really deserved, funny, cool, R-Rated and honoring the source material.

This movie is also special because it is finally giving the fans what they deserved, a beloved comic book character as they know and love him.

$132.7 million made the merc with a mouth made on his opening weekend, and I guess FOX is regretting that they waited so long and didn’t had trust in this project.

Deadpool will be a franchise now, and Ryan Reynolds confirmed already he has no problems to further play Deadpool, so I guess FOX will have their extension of the X-Men universe.

Even if Bryan Singer will do more X-Men movies, one day it has to stop and before we will get a reboot, they will probably expend the X-men characters into the Deadpool franchise, like they already did.

I guess it will work out, we will have a Deadpool trilogy and then a X-force movie, they can work with cameos from characters and actors from the past X-men movies and if Cable will be really introduced into the Deadpool sequel they are doing the second step.

Making the movie R-Rated it shows us also that future comic book movies can be more faithful to the source material, not all our famous comic book characters are brutally bloody, but since when do we dream about an R-Rated Wolverine movie? Where we can really see Logans Rage attack, bathed in blood of his victims? Warner brothers jumped immediately on the hype train, lately all of the sudden they announced that Batman V Superman will get an R-Rated Blu-ray release, claiming that it was produced and shot like this but cut down to a PG-13 release, and my wild guess is that they mentioned it now after seeing what success Deadpool was.

If Batman v Superman would come out next year and not being finished and sealed already, we would probably get this version in our cinemas, for what the studio is saying, it is a “dark, brutal movie without much fun” so I don’t guess that the main audience target are kids and family like an Avengers movie.

Does that mean in general that Hollywood will risk again some projects and not just play it safe with a simple 1+1=2 formula?

And I do not mean just comic book movies anymore, writers have original ideas for movies that they want to bring out, but most of the studios want something safe to get their money, this is why TV is getting pretty popular, no studio would have made a, let’s say, true detective movie trilogy, not with this kind of tone and plot and Marvel is showing with the help of Netflix that superheroes can be also “realistic & brutal” taking as example Daredevil & Jessica Jones.

And lots of actors are jumping on this “original” idea train since it is a challenge for them and something different from all the Remake / sequel / Reboot / Superhero pit.

Because, and correct me in the comment section if I am wrong, tell me a reboot / remake or sequel where you left the theater and said wow?

Maybe it’s me and my memory is just keeping the bad memories but was Terminator Genesys good? Did you enjoy the remake of Point Break?

Do you really think we need Independence Day 2?

Studios should also take examples of 10 Cloverfield lane since the surprise factor is also so high that people will go and watch it, and not start a Marketing 10 month before release date like Batman v Superman.

So basically, Hollywood is now a big company that overlooks the complaints that they receive and just watch the incomings that they get. But comparing it to a store, you need also to satisfy your loyal customers.

Deadpool is the perfect example that with good marketing you can get your incomings from Fans and non-fans, and all are happy customers.


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