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Watching movies can be BREATHTAKING, but making movies can be WORLDTAKING.

What to expect from a horror movie with children in the main role? Usually, they are something like a shelter for demons and lost souls. But what to expect from their parents? Anything. I expected any little thing, but definitely NOT this.

Have you ever seen a parent who let their kid's spirit live in the house without husband's permission? Have you seen a happy mother, reading a book to her dead child? No? Me neither. That scene got me! I was sitting there afraid to breathe and cause bad effects.

The whole movie takes place in India, Mumbai. Just for your knowledge...

"The Other Side Of The Door"
"The Other Side Of The Door"

In the beginning Sarah Wayne Callies (main hero) is NOT in the focus and her face merges with the wall. After these little mistakes my opinion about movie was not the best. But after a while... I can say that you will forget EVERYTHING and get involved in the crazy life of our heroes.

Plot: family lost a member- their son Oliver in a terrible car crash. And mother could only save 1 child. Maria (mother) takes it very hard, blaming herself for son's death and even tried to make suicide. An Indian woman, that works as a maid in their house, suggests her an exit to say goodbye to her son. She told her about a place where the line between life and death doesn't exist. Of course, there are some rules, which were broken. From this starts our story.

I will be honest, this movie scared me. After many years I got a feeling of fear and wanted to leave the room. But on the other hand I was afraid to appear... By the other side of the door. I missed the feeling of the shivers down my spine and the hardness of breathing in lungs.

Johannes Roberts, director, is famous for his:

  • Storage 24 (2012)
  • Forest of the Damned (2005)

For me, THIS is his best work! Movie gives you a sip of fresh air. Its like you haven't seen anything similar before. Ordinary for "horror" genre moments are taken to the highest level and gives you deeper emotions. Moving of the camera creates an atmosphere of something alarming and it keeps you awake every second of the movie.

I won't take your time. Just want to say- If you've entered the cinema, don't open the doors. Never...

Not joking. NEVER!


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