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Quincy Jackson

The last soul Calibur was ok. In all truth, it could have been a lot better. I hate to sound like a broken record but we need to go back to basics and work our way up. The gameplay was cool in the last one and it was a nice touch to give people super movies. The problem with last game was it was lacking lot other things that made other games great. We need more than just one story with the characters and I am just talking about ones that are so short to the point that we lose interest. Street fighter V was like that. It is a great looking game with excellent control mechanics but still fell short? We need original stories.

Has any of you played Soul Calibur Lost Swords? I have it was good for the little bit til it no longer held my interest. It's safe says a lot of people got screwed over on this. We were hoping a new game was on the way but sadly nothing happened. I do not want deal with this again. If the company can not bring people what they want then it should not even bother.Another way put is, get it right the first time no matter how long it takes.Make sure you beta test everything so the game is not glitchy and put out the demo so we the people can put our two cents into the mix.

If possible, try not to do too much rehashing. I like to see new things when games are in development. keep old characters around and add to them. When adding new ones give them form and substance so there not just taking up space and wasting our time.

Customization for characters needs a full overhaul. Bring back stuff like armor that takes less damage, weapons that give you health, etc. I think we should have things where we can customize all aspects of a character you make from scratch. Existing one in the game should have more options as well.

Next let's get into the look. This game should look shiny side up with nothing held back. Show us the power of what is coming out of our consoles.

I know I can not stop people from making DLC stuff. It would be nice if it could be free for a change without having hack out a load of cash. Look at DOA. It's crazy how many DCL outfits they want you to pay for. It is not worth it. For all the money, people spend on that stuff I could buy a few games used or new.

The last thing I am going say is this game should not just be focused on online play only. There should be lots of offline play options. People playing the main character should have up to10 designs to pick from.Characters should have dialogue and languages unique to them.


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