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What could the Philadelphia Eagles and Star Wars: The Force Awakens possibly have in common? No, Chewbacca hasn't replaced Sam Bradford as quarterback. But you might be surprised to know that players Brent Celek and Fletcher Cox made an "appearance" in Episode VII that you might have missed.

David Acord, an editor for Skywalker Sound, created an alien language for Teedo, the reptile-looking creature that abducts BB-8 on Jakku. Acord, being the massive Eagles fan that he is, paid tribute to his favorite football players by slipping "Brent Celek" and "Fletch Cox" into the alien's dialogue.

David Acord
David Acord

Acord revealed to

“The language he speaks is inspired by some Thai phrases that I was trying to learn for an upcoming trip to Thailand. For fun, I peppered in a few Eagles' player names and my wife's name as well. You can hear ‘Celek’ and ‘Fletcher’ if you listen carefully.”

Acord also wanted to include more Eagles' names, like Vinny Curry and Connor Barwin, but he felt that their names weren't quite so "out of this world."

“I was also trying to pick names that fit the alien language I was designing. Unfortunately, 'Donnie Jones' doesn't exactly scream otherworldly.”


I wonder if Teedo is a Philadelphia Eagles fan as well? I can just picture him now, relaxing at his house, drinking some Bantha milk, yelling at his screen every time the Eagles near the end zone.



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