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For Honor E3 trailer

For Honor. . . Ubisoft Montreal's newest title in gaming. In a time where Video-game companies mostly make sequels, prequels, and remakes of games we all love, it is great to see something fresh. The game will take place in an alternate version of the medieval era where Knights, Vikings, and Samurai fight each other for control. For Honor will mainly be focused on a Multiplayer experience, although the game developers promise us a good "well made" solo campaign where the Legions (Knights Faction) are defending their borders against the invading Samurai and Vikings. I say "well made" because in recent Multiplayer focused Video-Game titles like "The Division" and "EA's SW Battlefront" have more of a tutorial single player campaign and no real story line.

In For Honor there will be three factions, each with its own Warrior Legacy. The Legions (Knight faction) with the Warden, The Chosen (Samurai faction) with the Oni, and The Warborn (Viking faction) with the Raider. You will be able to chose a faction and fight for it. Each Warrior Legacy has its own fighting style. The Knights will have more armor there for will be able to take more hits but also wield a German Broadsword to dish them out as well. The Samurai are quicker with light armor and wield a poisoned blade Katana which means they are quicker but are week against direct attacks. And we still have no info on the Vikings. The game will have a Character Customization where you can customize only your armor and weapon to some extent (as far as we know). There isn't that much info about For Honor out at the moment so we don't know much about all the little details.

So far the only gameplay and info they have revealed to us is a game mode called Dominion; a 4v4 mode with A.I. all over the map where you have to capture the points until one side gets 1000 points and the the other team go's into what in For Honor they call "breaking mode" which means that the enemy team can no longer respawn and the thriving team has to kill all enemy players remaining before they can capture a point. Pretty much what Titanfall did with Domination but with swords instead of guns and a few little modifications.

For Honor is bringing us a new type of combat system where they state "We put the sword in your hands". The system is called "The Art Of Battle" where you control your weapon and stance with the right-stick and change between three stances, left right and center. The stance dictates where you block and attack. There are also different types of attacks. You've got the light attack, heavy attack, and "special attack" like a sort of AoE, like ordering a catapult strike on an area of your choice, a rain of arrows, etc. Keep in mind that those "special attacks" will be limited, for if not they would be to overpowering. It's still not clear if they will have a cooldown time or if you must win them with killstreaks like in CoD.

Watch the fallowing videos for more details and gameplay on For Honor.


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