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Hey, assbutts! You better believe there are some gigantic SPOILERS ahead.

Seriously though...
Seriously though...

A few weeks ago the devout followers of that world spanning religion known as the Supernatural Family were attending their weekly observances when they saw something that shocked them. Even though I say ”them”, I also include myself among the legion of gibbering fans that have been watching this juggernaut of a show for over a decade now.

Season 11 has created a lot of trouble for our favourite male-models/monster hunters as they managed to release a primeval entity known as The Darkness, who turned out to be the sister of the big G – O – D himself. She also has a gigantic crush on Dean, which of course created a whole new set of problems, but let's not go into that.

Desperate to get some help with their little issue, Sam turns to the divine for help. No, I don’t mean Cass, because he straight-up prays to Jehovah for guidance and is rewarded with some helpful visions that let him work stuff out, including that he should totally go into the Cage with Lucifer and ask him for help because of course that’s a brilliant idea that could never go wrong and these visions really are from God, honestly!

Nope, Satan.

Aaand… Cass opened his heart to the Devil and is now being used as a high-grade meat suit.

Fun times.

Not to mention instant shipper bait.
Not to mention instant shipper bait.

Of course, if you made your way past the spoiler warning then you probably knew all that already.

Cass, being the naïve little darling that he is, genuinely believed that Lucifer could destroy the Darkness, despite both of them probably having been created after God, in the worst case of sibling rivalry ever, imprisoned his own sister for aeons.

So can the guy actually do what he claims? Probably not.

The Darkness is supposed to have potential power that matches her more famous brother in magnitude, and we all know what happened the last time Lucifer tried to go toe-to-toe with a being like that. It’s most likely that he was just being opportunistic in his desire to escape but there does seem to be at least a bit of evidence that he may know of a way to defeat her.

But why doesn’t the Devil just sit back and let the Darkness do her thing? It all comes down to pride. If you’re styled as being the most evil creature that ever existed – and enjoy the reputation – then you’re going to feel a bit miffed if someone bigger, badder, and more powerful comes along. If he removes the Darkness from the picture then he not only removes what he perceives to be his biggest rival for that dubious accolade but also gains the status quo of killing God’s sister, thus cementing his fearsome reputation among the minions of Hell.

Not only that, but he may see the destruction of the Darkness as a rehearsal of sorts.

God’s sister is by no means at her full potential, as ridiculously powerful as she is, so Lucifer could see his trying to defeat her as a way of training for what he sees as the ultimate prize in the universe: the death of God.

It’s almost like the guy harbours a grudge or something. Can’t fault him for dreaming big, though.

Though I do kinda like The Darkness...
Though I do kinda like The Darkness...

And that brings us back to the original question: can he do it?

We saw Lucifer bring out his armoury in search of a suitable weapon – including what looked like the famed Spear of Destiny – but apparently none were powerful enough. The focus then changed to a number of artefacts known as “Hands of God”, which are objects supposed touched by the big man himself back in Biblical times and thus containing a portion of his power – power which mostly seems to be used for vaporising things – and it seems that the hunt for these objects will be a major plot drive for the rest of the season.

So if Lucifer, or anyone else for that matter, could get hold of one of these artefacts could they actually defeat the Darkness?

I hate to say it but probably not, to be honest.

Think about it: the Hands of God do hold an incredible amount of divine power, yes, but it is only the tiniest fraction of what the big guy has to offer and even then burns itself out after only one shot. What good is that?

Out of the two shown so far (a bit of the Ark of the Covenant, and the staff of someone or other) we see the first blow a hole in a WWII-era German warship and the second completely disintegrate a demon lacky.

Powerful, yes, but are they powerful enough?

If the gang are pinning their hopes on these things being able to destroy the Darkness then you’d expect them to have a little more oomph. You’d want it to destroy the entire warship, not just a bit of it, and completely obliterate everything in its path, not just stop at one demon and leave the (albeit plot-armoured) character behind it completely unscathed.

Saying all of this, maybe the plan isn’t to just get the one Hand of God. Maybe they intend to stockpile every one they can find and combine them into one gigantic divine superweapon, which I am now going to call “The Fist of God” because why the hell not. It stands to reason that something like that may have the potential to level a city.

Still not comparable to the full strength of God himself though, and maybe not even as powerful as the Darkness, but the kicker is that we don’t know the limitations of that power. Maybe if the power was focused through other artefacts with the knowhow of, say, an ex-archangel who used sit at the right hand of God, then it could be exponentially more powerful.

Or maybe, and this is probably clutching at a few straws, they don’t use the Hands of God to straight-up destroy the Darkness but use them to create a shiny new prison for her instead. That could work.

However, as with all of these things we’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh, and remember: you are not alone.


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