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Ever since The Avengers hit theaters back in 2012, fans everywhere have been praising the friendship between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, referring to them as "the Science Bros." This friendship (or brotherhood) has caused fans everywhere to spend countless hours working on fan art, so much so that even Robert Downey Jr. himself will often share their artwork.

But are Bruce and Tony really the only pair of friends in Marvel? The Marvel Cinematic Universe has also brought us friends like Cap and Bucky, and Ant-Man and Luis, but there are countless other friendships out there in Marvel comics.

Here are 5 pairs of Marvel characters you may not have realized are actually close friends.

1. Deadpool and Captain America

Though one may think that Cap and Deadpool may not be able to get along due to their disagreements about language, they both have a large amount of respect for each other. Since they both gained their super abilities in a relatively similar manner - a lab experiment - they both share a common bond. Because of this, Steve Rogers is actually able to remotely understand the strange behaviors of Wade Wilson and can see his desire to do good.

Because of this friendship, Cap actually allowed Deadpool to become an Avenger. Though many other Avengers protested Deadpool's membership to Cap, especially Spider-Man who is not fond of Deadpool at all, Cap knew that Deadpool belonged on the Avengers and stayed loyal to his friend. This friendship is a very respectful bond. They will always defend each other until their last breaths. Even if Deadpool is a psycho mercenary and Cap is a stable soldier, their differences are what make them stronger.

2. Spider-Man and the Thing

Spider-Man is rather close with the Fantastic Four. As we can imagine, he and the Human Torch get along like old buddies, but more shocking is the friendship between Spidey and the Thing. This friendship was actually a common feature in Marvel comics as the pair would often team up to fight some of Marvel's biggest baddies.

In fact, the pair of heroes once dueled the mad Titan Thanos to save all of the Avengers. Ben Grimm and Peter Parker were summoned to Thanos's evil space lair and fought the epic villain. In the end, Spider-Man made a risky movie which should have resulted in his death, but actually released both the Avengers from their cell and Adam Warlock from the Soul Gem. Nice work, you two.

3. Daredevil and Black Widow

The bond between Daredevil and Black Widow is a strong one that arguably exists to this day in the comics. The two once had a strong relationship, causing Daredevil to break up with his girlfriend at the time. These two lovers worked together, moving to the streets of San Francisco, until Natasha eventually called it off after she realized Matt didn't take her seriously enough as a crime fighter.

Though they are no longer lovers, these two characters still remain close friends. They will still work together, as they know each other's movements better than most other people. They always have each other's backs and will always fight for each other, even though they are no longer in love. That is true friendship, if you ask me.

4. Doctor Doom and Namor

Doctor Doom is considered one of Marvel's greatest villains, and Namor, who started as a hero, has become more of a villain in recent years. Though they don't always get along, these two frenemies will often work together because they share one common trait - they want to protect the land they rule from outsiders.

Because of this similarity, the two will often call on each other for help if they feel something poses a threat to their land. In fact, in a more recent comic, Doctor Doom even allowed Namor's people to take refuge in Latveria after Atlantis was attacked. Like Cap and Deadpool, these two characters share a common bond that allows them to see each other the way no one else can.

5. Iron Man and Doctor Strange

Take one look at the pair of friends above and tell me what common feature you see between them. That's right - they both have awesome facial hair! The facial hair and the incredibly smart features between these two characters have actually given the pair quite a bond throughout the comics. They even worked together as founding members of the Illuminati (the Marvel comics Illuminati group filled with smart superheroes, not that group that spawned all of those crazy conspiracy theories going around in real life).

This awesome friendship is quite comedic too as Stephen Strange is almost always a very serious character, whereas Tony Stark loves to quip. When Stark first coined the term "Awesome Facial Hair Bros.," Doctor Strange was not a fan. But eventually, the two friends worked together enough to finally get Doctor Strange to fully embrace the hilarious name.

Though I doubt we will ever see team ups like Doctor Doom and Namor on screen, I seriously hope that we one day get the rest. The Awesome Facial Hair Bros. are actually likey to appear in the future as Doctor Strange is finally joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe later this year.

What is your favorite Marvel friendship? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


What is your favorite Marvel friendship?


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