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Last night, singer Sam Smith unexpectedly took home the Oscar for Best Original Song, beating out strong competitors like Lady Gaga and The Weeknd. But it wasn't his win for "Writing's On The Wall" that ultimately had people talking about the category.

That honor went to Smith's erroneous speech, in which he misquoted Ian McKellen and declared himself the first openly gay individual to win an Academy Award. Obviously, Sam was way off on that claim, and past Oscar winners are calling him out.

Here's The Moment Sam Smith Made A Faux Pas

You don't need to be an Oscars buff or a film historian to see how far off the mark Smith was with this comment. Bill Condon won in 1999 for Best Screenplay Based On Material Previously Produced. Singers Melissa Etheridge and Elton John have won in the exact same category as Smith. I mean, c'mon. How can someone forget "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from The Lion King?

Even after the show, Sam seemed to still miss his placement in the grand scheme of out-of-the-closet Oscar winners.

McKellen gracefully clarified his comments:

In the article Smith mentions, McKellen makes clear that he was speaking about performers exclusively, not the Oscars at large.

The Oscar winners that Smith forgot, however, were not as accommodating.

Dustin Lance Black Didn't Hold Back, Giving Sam A Piece Of His Mind

Back in 2009, openly gay writer Black took home the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, and he had no qualms about reminding Sam of that fact.

Adding insult to injury, Dustin requests that Sam stop texting his fiancé, British diver Tom Daley.

Smith Has Since Responded To All The Hubbub

Dustin Lance Black also reached out after this, encouraging Sam to check out some of the work from other Oscar winners.

Not even a full day later, and it seems that we've all been treated to a bit of an education on Oscars history.


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