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Becca Harkin

There is so much fan art on the Internet now, you can find Disney Princesses as characters from Orange Is The New Black, Winnie the Pooh crossed with Star Wars, or any number of Disney/Harry Potter crossovers.

However Instagram artist @dada16808 has produced some amazing mash-up portraits of our favorite Disney characters!

Tarzan & Kerchak ('Tarzan')

Everybody's favorite half-man, half-ape has been matched up with antihero Kerchak in this amazing piece artwork.

Belle & Beast ('Beauty and the Beast')

Beauty and her Beast have been drawn side by side in this portrait, I vote for a Cogsworth/Lumiere drawing next!

Ariel & Vanessa ('The Little Mermaid')

Antagonist Ursula's human form, 'Vanessa,' has been perfectly mashed up with our beloved Little Mermaid, Ariel. Right down to the purple eyeshadow.

Jasmine & Rajah ('Aladdin')

Jasmine and pet tiger Rajah are drawn together. I love the human-animal crossovers, especially when it involves lovable tigers.

Anna & Elsa ('Frozen')

Royal sisters Elsa and Anna are our final portrait. The color-changing braid makes this one of my favorite mash-ups.

You can find @Dada16808 on Instagram if you want to see more of her fabulous work.

(Spoiler alert, she does some amazing 'Stitch & Scrump' artwork as well!)

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What's your favorite Disney mash-up?


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